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Aaaaand…we’re back! Back from our week long cruise in the Caribbean. It was fantastic. I’m sorting through all our photos and taking the day to do a little laundry and house cleaning. In the meantime, here’s one of the highlights from my baby shower last year that I can’t believe I never shared! My mom took the time to put together an adorable guest book alternative. It’s a “Prayers for Charlie” book, that friends filled in with wishes and blessings for the baby-to-be (now baby-that’s-here).

Instead of your typical sign-in book, my mom grabbed a handful of chipboard crown shapes at Hobby Lobby and covered them with scrapbook paper. Add in some fun scrapbook embellishments, and you have a sweet, beautiful book full of thoughtful prayers and well wishes for the new little one. Punch a hole in each corner and add a ring, and you have an instant heirloom guest book!

I love that each top has a pretty little gem.

It’s such a cute way to remember who was there to shower your baby with love and blessings. And even if you want to keep your shower less religious (this was a very traditional Southern baby shower filled with church ladies) you could make it a Wish or Blessings book instead of Prayers.

The cover is so adorable, it makes it so easy to display. It’s a little too delicate to flip through with Charlie, but once she’s older she can read through all the prayers and wishes everyone made for her. It’ll be a reminder of how loved she is.

So if you find yourself hosting or attending a baby shower soon, keep this idea in mind. It’s a much more creative way to keep track of who made it to the party, and lets everyone add a sweet wish for the new baby. Plus, the New Mama will love you for the thought, and won’t have a clue how easy it was to put together!


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