Pinterest Woes

So… how much do you love me? Enough to do me a quick favor? As you’ve noticed, I’m a bit of a Pinterest stalker, especially when it comes to what people pin from my blog. I use it as a tool of sorts, to see what’s popular so I can post more content that my readers enjoy, as opposed to stuff that’s not so hot. Anywhoodle, my source page has looked like this for over a week now, and it’s driving me batty:

Do you mind clicking over to my link (, and telling me if it looks the same for you? I’ve tried different browsers, but I’m not sure if maybe it’s a mac or IP address issue. I’m reaching at straws here. I’ve emailed their tech team, but haven’t gotten a response yet. And since I’m sure I need to detox a bit from obsessively refreshing my source page, I’m going to take it slow. Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it.

[important]EDIT:[/important] So I emailed the Pinterest support team a couple of times, and it seems that this feature has been deactivated while they update it. Hooray! At least now I know it’ll be updating my blog’s pins in the future

6 thoughts on “Pinterest Woes

    1. Thanks Catherine. I thought I was reaching, since it’s most likely a database error and it’s not refreshing. BOO!

  1. Mine hasn’t been refreshing either – a few people I follow pinned images from my blog so I saw them on my main page but they haven’t appeared on my blog’s link. Maybe it’s a sign they’re updating this feature? It would be cool if you could “claim” your blog or site and they would send you updates on your pins!

  2. I’m also having a problem with Pinterest. It says I have 19 followers but when I click to see them only 4 show. Weird. I’m glad you got it worked out though!

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