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Pinterest Woes | Killer b. Designs



Pinterest Woes

So… how much do you love me? Enough to do me a quick favor? As you’ve noticed, I’m a bit of a Pinterest stalker, especially when it comes to what people pin from my blog. I use it as a tool of sorts, to see what’s popular so I can post more content that my readers enjoy, as opposed to stuff that’s not so hot. Anywhoodle, my source page has looked like this for over a week now, and it’s driving me batty:

Do you mind clicking over to my link (, and telling me if it looks the same for you? I’ve tried different browsers, but I’m not sure if maybe it’s a mac or IP address issue. I’m reaching at straws here. I’ve emailed their tech team, but haven’t gotten a response yet. And since I’m sure I need to detox a bit from obsessively refreshing my source page, I’m going to take it slow. Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it.

[important]EDIT:[/important] So I emailed the Pinterest support team a couple of times, and it seems that this feature has been deactivated while they update it. Hooray! At least now I know it’ll be updating my blog’s pins in the future


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  1. Kaitlin

    Looks the same for me. On a mac, firefox.

  2. Catherine

    Looks the same for me as well. PC / Chrome

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      Thanks Catherine. I thought I was reaching, since it’s most likely a database error and it’s not refreshing. BOO!

  3. Kira

    Mine hasn’t been refreshing either – a few people I follow pinned images from my blog so I saw them on my main page but they haven’t appeared on my blog’s link. Maybe it’s a sign they’re updating this feature? It would be cool if you could “claim” your blog or site and they would send you updates on your pins!

  4. Rycrafty

    It looks the same to me, but I’m not sure what the problem that is driving you batty is…

  5. Brittany

    I’m also having a problem with Pinterest. It says I have 19 followers but when I click to see them only 4 show. Weird. I’m glad you got it worked out though!

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