Pinterest Challenge: Filing Cabinet Makeover

Today I’m taking part in the Pinterest Challenge over at Young House Love. It was a bit of a scramble to get my project done on time, but I finished it up last night around 1am. Because I am crazy like that. The post title should give you a pretty good idea of the project I chose. I pinned this little number once I’d decided that I needed to upgrade the way we did our personal filing:


Fun, yes? I love that it’s also playing double-duty as a bedside table. It’s so pretty! Here’s my take on a quick and easy filing cabinet makeover.

Looks pretty different, doesn’t it? I scored this crusty old contraption at a garage sale for a cool five buckaroos. It had a little bit of an issue with the top drawer, but some finagling with a hammer and screwdriver had it all fixed up. I gave it a quick coat of brown spray paint leftover from our wedding. Any color would have been fine, I just wanted something that I knew would stick to metal before I went and got all fancy with my final paint color.

After the spray paint dried, I brushed on three coats of Behr’s Boston Fern. I knew I wanted to fancy up the top a little, and for a while couldn’t really decide on anything. Then I found this embroidered fabric art piece that a friend gave me because she was sick of looking at it. It’s the perfect color combo for my office area! I cut it to size then hot glued it down. Hot glue is your friend, except when you get lazy and don’t pay attention when you’re pressing down and blister your hands with glue burns. No bueno. Then I filled the label areas on the drawers with two coats of chalkboard paint. I need to go buy a chalk pen so I can have fun writing on them.

I plan to spray a couple of coats of poly on to protect the finish, and then it’s ready for duty, sir! Love the look, and love that it only cost $5. It’s getting me excited about finally getting around to making our third bedroom into an office/guest space!

14 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Filing Cabinet Makeover

  1. Love how it turned out, gives me inspiration on how to re-do one my mother-in-law found in the “free if you want it” pile at the recycling center!

    1. Thanks Sara! They’re so easy to makeover, even with a can of paint or some fun paper or fabric. I totally recommend it!

  2. I’m totally stealing this one! My mom is THE most unorganized person I know, so we’ll be making some of these for her bedside tables. Thanks!

    1. They make excellent bedside tables! I just set mine in our guest room next to the bed, and it looks fantastic. I love it. Now to just find another one to match!

    1. Nope! Not at all. And I think it helped create a primer or bonding layer between the base and the green. You don’t have to use any special color, you could even pick up the cheap 99 cent primer can from walmart. I just used brown because it’s what I had on hand.

  3. Oh my gosh! You actually used the peacock!? I am so glad you got some use out of that thing…it looks cute how you fixed up the filing cabinet. Off the cabinet, not so much! Thanks for taking it off my hands! 🙂

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