Piano Stripes

After updating my piano bench, it was time to move the paint brushes over to the big boy himself. I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on painting the entire piano, so I just picked a few horizontal planes to paint Colonial Red.

See how well it ties in with the bench? I like it! The red stripes give it a modern touch, while still keeping the rustic feel the piano started out with. Which was this:

Beat up and boring. Now it has a little more spice in its life!

Does anybody know if you can bleach piano keys? The ivory is looking pretty worn. And I still have no idea what that plug wrapped around the leg does. I’ve never actually looked into it. Maybe I should figure it out. My piano may light up or something! Or it could do nothing. Who knows?

I really love the look of painted pianos, so one day I may still consider going balls-to-the-wall and giving the whole thing a glossy red finish. Or I’ll get sick of the red and strip the paint off. The good thing about the stripes is, it’ll be easy to go either way. I can enjoy the fun look now, and still have options open for its future! Best of both worlds!


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  1. Geek in Heels

    I love the red stripes! Although, if I were in your shoes, I would leave the keys alone (but only because I LOVE the look and feel of old, genuine ivory keys!)

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      I think I should take your advice and just leave them alone. I haven’t done any research yet to try and find out how old it is, but I do love the idea of the keys being worn from so much use. Maybe the ghosts of fingers past will help mine play better 😉

  2. sarah

    I have a piano that I have seriously thought about painting. I just can not seem to work up the nerve to do it. Yours look great!

  3. amanda

    I love it! :) the red makes it pop and draws your eyes to it… and it still looks rustic, like you said. :) love it! :)

  4. Ashley@DesignBuildLove.co

    wow! The subtle stripes add sooooo much! Who would’a thought! Nice!

  5. Courtney

    Love it- the stripes are perfect!! Would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday!! :)

  6. lzoie

    love it…

  7. Carmen

    My guess is that the plug is probably for an internal heater or fan for cooling.

    1. carlijean

      I am guessing that is is a humidifier. If you dry out a piano to much, the soundboard will crack. Been there, done that.

      1. I never even thought of that! But now that I’m thinking about it, my mom did have to water our piano when we were younger. I used to think it was so strange.

  8. Debbie

    I read that you can whiten piano keys with MAYO! http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/la/miraculous-uses-for-mayo-around-the-house-108444

    1. Thanks Debbie! I’m going to have to try that

  9. Dorothy

    I’ve heard that painting a piano will change its sound, but I don’t have a personal experience to share. Might be something to research if you do decide to paint the whole thing.

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