Photo Keychains: A How-To

I posted a while ago about an adorable charm bracelet and necklace my mom gave me as a gift. She made charms featuring my favorite subject (my baby girl) and turned them into jewelry. This was totally up my alley, and it’s really versatile. So for Christmas, I made a few photo charm keychains using the Epiphany Craft line from Hobby Lobby

Each keychain took about 15 minutes to complete, and cost an average of $5 in supplies. Considering what a big impact they make, it’s a ton of bang for your buck! I didn’t include the cost of the punch itself in the budget, because I make a rule of not including the cost of the tool unless it’s a 1-time-use sort of thing. Since I’m positive I’ll be making a ton of charms in the future for different projects, the $20 for the punch itself isn’t a bad investment. But keep it in mind that there’s a “start up cost” to this project. Here’s how I made these suckers, without any other special tools: