Personalized Holiday Gifts from Zazzle Made in the USA

Happy Holiday Season everyone! I hope all my US friends had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, I know we did. This year we chose to stay home and not do any store shopping, choosing to enjoy the family time and quiet. As you know, we traditionally make many of our gifts, but I also like to research for great gift options to give as well. Specifically ones with photos, because who doesn’t love family photos? I know I do! This year I partnered with Zazzle to find some fantastic options. I am so psyched at what I found! So, SO many gifts made right here in the USA, from great folks. I’m looking forward to ordering one for each person on my list. Want to take a look with me?


Zazzle Made in USA

Gold jewellery

This beautiful necklace can be customized with your own art or photo. This would be great for the ladies in your life!

Look at this adorable cake pan! I LOVE IT! Great for pot lucks, you’ll never lose it 🙂 The perfect gift for the baker in your life. They have several different designs too!

Sometimes you don’t need a fancy catalogue to find chic holiday decor. This pillow is made from cotton right here in America.

I know I can’t be the only one who loves to stare at little faces all day long, and this custom pillow would be such a fun gift. You could use photos from travels, portraits of pets, or snapshots of family you don’t get to see often.

Anybody looking for a fresh new tree skirt? Why not personalize it?

Last year I gave all the moms in our family throw blankets with my kids’ photos, and I have to admit I was disappointed to see that “made in China” stamp. Now I can feel better about less carbon emissions from a blanket made nearby, from cotton to boot.

Anybody love American Apparel? Why not add some fun art or text for the scarf lover in the family?

My daughters love to help in the kitchen, almost as much as they love things with their names on them.

Somehow last year my toddler’s stocking was eaten by the dogs (I’m blaming the candy inside) so perhaps this year we will replace it with her very own special one.

It’s so refreshing to see reusable water bottles made and printed in our country. I love to use our reusable bottles, and favor the one with my kids’ photos on it. However I chose another company last time, and the printing is already chipping off. I’m eager for these to come back in stock so I can stock up!

These soft hair ties are so handy, and even better with monograms and cute patterns!

This would be perfect on a keychain, I think I’ll have to pick up a couple for the dads in my life.

So that about wraps up my quick round up of Made in the USA gifts from zazzle. Be sure to check out their home and holiday offerings. But that’s not all! There are so many more on the website, you’ll have to hop on over and check them out for yourself. They carry customizable American Apparel products, which include t-shirts and so much more. Plus they are having a HUGE Black Friday sale, so hurry up and happy conscientious shopping!
*This is a sponsored post. I only choose to work with companies I fully believe in with products I agree with, all opinions are my own.*