Patience and Projects

I hate the sporadic publishing schedule I’ve got going on now, but with so many projects in the works and none quite ready yet, I don’t have much to post. Plus the fact that it takes twice as long to get anything done isn’t exactly helping. I’m really trying to do my best to take it easy. I have one week left in my first trimester, and I’ve actually been losing weight. Which is bad. So please understand that I’m still really excited to bring fun, useful tutorials and projects to you guys, but I need to take a little extra care with my health and energy and hopefully get this whole pregnancy thing on the right track. It was much easier the first time around when I didn’t have a Charlie tornado to chase every day! But, just to tease you guys a bit, here’s a few really fun and awesome projects I have in store for you later this week and next…

How about a nice mid-sized Expedit style bookcase? My dear friend is having her own little munchkin next month, and to celebrate I built her a requested piece for the nursery. I still need to sand, edge band, and paint. But it’s very cute, very solid, and the most important part, formaldehyde and chemical free! Gotta keep those baby lungs clear 🙂


Another fun and exciting project my husband tackled over the weekend is our porch railing! It took us a while to brainstorm how to get this modern look, as there were few tutorials online. So I’m really looking forward to posting this one for those of you who love this look too. We even found a great big slab of live-edge wood (maybe cedar? Not sure) to attach for a bar area. Man, am I pumped to use this porch on our warm evenings this spring! We’ve still got to engineer some sliding gates, but they’re coming. And for my favorite project of late…


A chicken coop! We’re in the final stages now, just tacking up the chicken wire. It’s inspired by an adorable coop I saw online, and could not wait to put my own spin on it. The empty area on the top is a planter, and the chicken run is the area below. We’re starting small with 3 chickens, but should we find it successful we’ll add a larger run for more hens. But right now I could not be more thrilled with this adorable coop! I should have the post and plans up this week, just in time for spring chickens.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to! I’m going to get off the computer now and get back to finishing up some of these fabulous projects. Here’s to (gradual) productivity!


4 thoughts on “Patience and Projects

  1. Lovely!
    For Pete’s sake, take your time and get some rest! Pregnancy is tough, especially after the first one. I have three kids, and it gets harder each time.

    1. Thank you Katie! It’s definitely tough to make myself slow down when there’s such a long list of stuff. Plus it doesn’t help when my husband thinks you’re only allowed to be tired once your belly is big and fat. The first trimester is the worst! I’m really looking forward to moving into the “energetic” second. Fingers crossed!

      1. The first trimester knocked me on my butt each and every time, I was able to remodel my kitchen and take care of my four year old and two year old while eight months pregnant with my third, but I would have cried if you told me I had to do it in the first twelve weeks.
        Slip your husband some sleeping pills, lol! Then he’ll understand how it feels!

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