Handmade Holiday 2015: Peg Princesses

hand painted peg princesses

Holiday season is upon us, and for me that means time to swing into gear on handmade presents! This is actually an older project. I made these peg princesses for my daughter Charlie for Valentine’s Day this year. She has been getting more and more enthusiastic about Disney princesses, so I made sure to theme them accordingly. But this could easily be adapted for any character series. Harry Potter, superheroes, X-Men, you name it!


I purchased two packs of eight peg people from Hobby Lobby, and started looking up character photos. Then it was simply a matter of sketching the dresses and hair with a pencil, and filling them in with craft paints.


It was a bit tricky to come up with 16 princesses, so I drew from a few less popular movies like Atlantis and Hercules who happen to have two of my favorite princesses anyway, Megura and Kida. Merida and Mulan are also some pretty great role models!


Of course the 90′s favorites had to be here! Ariel was a bit tricky, but in the end she turned out cute with her little fin and shell bra.


This was a very affordable project, costing $4 for the pegs (I purchased on a half off day) and then paints I had along with ModPodge for sealing it. I spent about 10 hours painting them though, I am a slow painter, plus I had a wiggly four month old to contend with! But they are so adorable, and both my girls love playing with them. They fit perfectly inside the Melissa and Doug foldable dollhouse my mom gave them.


Much cuter than the ones that came with it!


And this is the honest truth, as I’m writing this post Charlie is playing with the dollhouse and princesses while wearing her Merida dress up gown. We’re Disney fans in full force now! I


A Holiday with Minted


How is it already November?! The months are flying by, and before you know it 2014 will be gone. As our family gears up for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I’m trying to get a jump on planning so I’m not so frazzled the closer we get to Christmas. I research gift ideas, work on a menu for those big meals, and this year, I’m checking out adorable holiday cards from Minted. Have you heard of them? They are a great company offering beautiful products.






It’s going to be so hard for me to choose! There are so many cute designs. And you can bet that they have some really great environmental initiatives. They offer 100% recycled paper, and also partner with Plant It 2020, which focuses on planting trees in non-logging sites. Minted is planting over 100,000 trees in the next 12 months, which counts for roughly 7 times their annual usage. That’s fantastic! If I’m going to be making purchases this holiday season, I’m going to focus on making sure the company I’m supported is both ethical and environmental. Minted definitely fits this bill. But wait! There’s more!


Minted also offers fabric by the yard! It’s designed by independent artists and printed on all natural materials in the United States. As someone planning on making more than a few fabric gifts this holiday season, I’m so excited about this!




I’m already planning out which fabrics I’ll be ordering. Go ahead and check out the awesome offerings over at Minted, and get going on your holiday planning too!

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DIY Wood Couch Sleeves from Scraps: A How-To

couch sleeve organizer

I think anyone with small children or a home full of animals can attest that furniture always pays the price. My poor couch has seen much better days. We adopted a second kitten this summer, and he likes to hop up on the couch by the armrest. Which meant tiny little tears in the “pleather”. For some reason it was like a magnet for my baby, who ended up tearing off huge chunks of the fabric all over the armrest. It’s so patchy now, and looks horrible.



To hide the damage as well as prevent more, I decided to try out using up some wood scraps from the Chunky X Dining Table and make a wood sleeve to fit over the armrest. I’ve seen these go for upwards of 70 dollars, but this one was free, and can be built for about $25 with new lumber. I decided to make mine with “pockets” to corral remotes, wipes, coasters, and my e-reader. It’s so handy to have that all available now! Plus it’s a great spot for a snack and a drink. The good thing is that it’s already prevented further damage, so perhaps I can keep up the illusion that the couch is mostly undamaged. Just don’t look at the cushions. Like, at all. Thanks ;)

These supplies are based on my couch arm dimensions, which is roughly 11″ wide. If you have a thinner arm, replace the 1×12 with a thinner board, like a 1×10 or 1×8, or even smaller. If you have a 1×8 or below for the main components, be sure to also size down the 1×8 outer board that makes up the “pocket” portion of the sleeve.

• 1 – 1x12x6′
• 1 – 1x3x4′
• 1 – 1x8x2′
• 1 1/4″ screws and glue

Cut List:
• 3 – 1×12 @ 23″
• 1 – 1×8 @ 23″
• 1 – 1×3 @ 23″
• 3 – 1×3 @ 6 1/4″


Step 1


Start by drilling pocket holes on one side of each side board. Attach onto the top board with screws and glue.


Step 2


Drill pocket holes going in each direction of the 23″ 1×3 board. Use screws and glue to attach it to the 1×8 board.


Step 3


Use pocket holes, screws and glue to add in your 1×3 dividers. You can always add more, if you would like more pockets. I drilled one into the bottom 1×3 and one into the top of the 1×8.


Step 4


Typically I like to assemble then finish, but since I had such a narrow space I thought it would be wise to finish the piece out separately before assembling the pocket. I decided not to stain the underside completely, I just covered the edges. It stays unexposed. I also went ahead and let the stain cure and followed it up with two coats of polycrylic since I have messy kids. It’s already been great to easily wipe up yogurt spills and errant markers.


Step 5


Use glue and screws to attach the pocket to the bottom of your sleeve. Then pre-drill a hole and sink in two screws from the inside of your sleeve, into the top of the end of the pocket section. This way no hardware will be exposed, but the pocket is secured at the bottom and top of those end dividers.




That’s it! You’re finished. Slide it over your arm and enjoy your new hang-out spot.


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