Owl Plushies: A How-To

I hope you’re in the mood for a deep belly laugh today, because my Owl Plushies turned out absolutely ridiculous! They’re the most demented looking owls ever. But, since they’re intended for a pair of three month olds, I bet they could care less that they were supposed to look like this:

Source: etsy.com via Brooke on Pinterest


Yup. Craft FAIL! Oh, well. If you so happen to be better at cutesy doodling, you can make yours so much cuter than mine. I’m going to try doing a few more, but since these took me about an hour, I figured I’d give myself a break for a bit while the little one naps. So, if you’re looking to make something adorable for a special someone in your life this Christmas, here’s the basics on how to do it:


7 thoughts on “Owl Plushies: A How-To

  1. I actually like them. šŸ™‚ They are handmade and cute and show some creativiity. Oh and they remind me of Uglydolls. You may have a market there!! šŸ™‚

    1. Ha! Thanks Jill šŸ˜‰ I had to go look up uglydolls, and I think even those are beyond my skill set! Oh, well, practice makes perfect, so I’ll just keep on truckin’!

  2. As someone who loves you dearly and has known you forever, these are freaking hilarious. Oohhhh man…..

  3. Hahaha, they’re pretty cute in their own sad, little way. Maybe try pointing the ears more upward? And make the head a bit wider. That should be a bit more owl-like.

  4. The two of them together make a great couple. They really do. And I think the boyish one is better than the girlish one, so you are making progress. They make me happy. Anyhow, they are for babies and babies can’t tell the difference…

    1. You guys are way too nice to me! I fully expected everyone to be as embarrassed and amused as I was at these šŸ˜‰ And you’re right, I don’t think the babies will care. I’m just looking forward to seeing the looks on the parents’ faces!

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