On Building Our Own Cabinets

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As we all know, kitchen cabinets are expensive. Very expensive! There are a few ways to try and save on costs, either by hitting up warehouse stores or Craigslist/Habitat ReStores to find used cabinets in good condition. While researching sources for kitchen cabinets for the new place, we found someone who can get us uppers and lowers for about $3K. Not bad, but not ideal. The thing that gets me about store-bought cabinets are they’re often made with cheap pressed wood. Even the expensive ones! The fronts may look great, but the boxes are crap. So one avenue I’m trying to get the hubs on with me is building our own. Ana has a few different plans on her site right now, with a lot more to come once she starts building the kitchens on her Momplex.

5 thoughts on “On Building Our Own Cabinets

  1. I’d love to custom build my cabinets, and I’m totally swooning over your pins!! I wish I was as handy as you. Can’t wait to see your island.

  2. I would love to build some cabinets for crafts and sewing in my family room! I looked at the existing ones at the other end of the room while I spent a week priming and painting them and thinks its very do-able. If I can get my measurements all listed correctly I will have Home Depot do the major cuts as I buy the wood and get it going. Wish I had a table saw. Wish I had sons who would help, but I am going to get a power miter saw and try it. Mine will be built right to the wall, not separate cabinets like your here. Practice makes perfect! 🙂

  3. A little bit of unsolicited advice, if I may… So many people spend tons of money on drawer slide attachments that slide-out once you’ve opened the cabinet doors. Personally, I hate those. You have to have the doors fully opened to pull the drawers out and more often than not, they scrape along the inside of the doors and mark them because you’re in a rush to get something in or out.

    I highly recommend the super-deep “pan drawers” like the under-the-sink ones you show above. I put two of them in a kitchen I renovated once and I can’t rave about their versatility enough. From pantry items (even potato chip bags) to pots and pans, to baskets of snacks. You name it, you can store it there. I find a bunch of plastic baskets to separate items to be helpful (or you could build-in reconfigurable slots and dividers).

    I really like the idea of the upright silverware…that’s a new one to me. Wouldn’t be hard to build an insert that allows you to put that in any deep drawer so you can reorganize as your needs grow and change.

    Oh…and I highly recommend just an open spot under the counter for a tall waste basket or compost bin. No fancy slide-out necessary if you buy a commercial tall basket from the home center. Just leave an open space and run your flooring in there. It’s great because you don’t have to open anything with dirty hands (or touch a dirty waste basket with clean hands) to use it.

    1. Thank you for the tips Justin! I agree with you on the pullout cabinet trash, mostly because it’s a pain to ever try and replace a trashcan that will fit in the pullout. We may do something like we had at our first rent house, where the trash just sat on a base that pulled out. I just don’t like the can sitting out in the open, because I have an almost toddler who likes to stick her hands in it and grab goodies, plus some very dextrous dogs. So it has to be secured somewhere safe or else I’ll be picking up trash all day long!

      I also need to figure out some good storage ideas for pots and pans. Maybe I’ll just have an endless array of drawers to put everything in? The beauty of it all is that I can customize to my heart’s content!

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