Old Table, New Leaf : Updating My Dining Area

A few weeks ago, you may remember me posting some updated kitchen/dining/living room photos along with asking some advice on my current dining set. I’d purchased the set at a consignment shop and painted it and reupholstered the seats. I loved it, without a doubt. But I wasn’t too sure I was in love with it in this space.

With some great input from you guys (seriously, thank you!) I decided to go ahead and sell it in favor of a solid wood table. When I offered to build my sister a new dining table, I had ulterior motives in mind. I wanted hers. It was a hand-me-down from my parents that we actually used growing up, so there was sentimental value. Plus, I loved that it was a solid wood, honey-toned oak pedestal table. The problem? It looked like this.

A 4 seater. Considering we’re currently a family of 3, working on our 4th, and regularly have my family over to eat, I wanted a 6-seater table. Yet there was hide nor hair of that leaf anywhere! It must have gotten lost in one of its several moves. No worries though, but I”ll get to that later. Lets focus on the damage, shall we?

Cup rings, dry splotches, and gunk. I saw one of those Pinterest tips about restoring wood with vinegar and olive oil, and figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Can I just say, WOW! What a massive difference it made. I used 1/4 C olive oil and 3/4 C white vinegar, and applied it with a rag. I let the first application dry, then repeated it two more times for a total of three passes. It really hydrated the wood with absolutely no chemicals, horrible smells, or messy work. Just a rag and some pantry items in 5 minutes passes.

Wow, right? And as a spoiler, this is an image of the table with the new leaf. The original section is on the far right. Barely a ring or dry spot to be seen. Now, lets get to the good stuff, the leaf!

I pulled out the table and measured the maximum amount of space I could spread the top before it started getting unstable. I decided on 24″. Then I measured the table diameter, which was 47″.

5 thoughts on “Old Table, New Leaf : Updating My Dining Area

  1. I LOVE it! I thought it looked good before, but this is a million times better – love, love, love. And your leaf looks fantastic – I never would have guessed it wasn’t the original!

  2. Help! I am doing something similar. I have stained the table top but the new leaf does not look shiny and the rest of the table does. Do I add more stain so it looks shiny? I am afraid the color will be darker on the new leaf. Why does the rest of the table look shiny and the new part does not? Scared!

  3. Hello, I just stumbled across your blog, and noticed that your original painted table looks identical to one I just picked up. It doesn’t have a leaf, or chairs, and I was wondering if you knew the brand so that I could try to find it’s corresponding items? Thanks! I think I’ll be trying your leaf making ideas soon! 🙂

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