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Nursery Animal Gallery | Killer b. Designs



Nursery Animal Gallery

So, you may have picked up by now that we had a very productive decorating and crafting weekend! I hung lime green curtains, the Husbane made an adorable antler mount, and now it’s on to my next project, a frame gallery! We decided to do a loose theme of woodland creatures since everybody and their dog has been asking me what we’re going to be “doing the nursery in”.  Apparently “bright colors” wasn’t a good enough answer for them. So I took a little inspiration from my duvet, and adding to that with the antler mount, we came up with deer and other little animals of the woods. My mom has a Cricut HP, the one that prints and cuts all in one. With the most adorable cartridge ever, we chose 11 little animals to frame.

I planned to use the Young House Love method, but I had already laid out my gallery on the floor, and wasn’t sure if that would be the easiest way to transpose it onto the wall. So, I did this!

I cut computer paper to size, laid it over my frames, and just taped them all together! That way, with the Husbane’s help, we just picked it up, placed it where we wanted it on the wall, and stuck down the exposed tape. Then all he had to do was hammer in the nails in the top center of the paper. So simple! It took maybe 5 minutes from start to finish.

After he had all the nails in, we ripped the paper off, peeled back the tape, and hung our frames. I used a couple of leftovers from our wedding, a couple small wooden frames from Hobby Lobby, and then some simple black 8×10’s that I painted white to match. I used photo squares to secure each little creature to a piece of cardstock and popped it into the frames. I think they look so sweet! The mister has already come up with ridiculous nicknames for each creature, like The Dancing Owl, and the Dirty Snail. He makes me laugh.

We centered it over our crib (which I’ll talk about soon – promise!) and may have to raise up the height down the road when little Charlie starts standing up and potentially knocking frames down. I didn’t really think that one through. But for now, it’s super cute where it is, and I’m happy to finally have some art in this room!


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  1. suburbianbliss

    Those are so adorable! And I kind of like your method better…might have to try that!

  2. Ashley @

    too cute!!!

  3. Sarah

    Umm….holycrap this is genious! I never thought to do this as a guide for hanging! We so often thing everything is even only to find that after we hang something looks a bit wonky…will need to share this with the hubs!!!

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