Novica Feature and Giveaway!

The fine folks of Novica contacted me about a product review for their website. Have you heard of them? Their mission was really cool, and I was pleased to oblige! Here’s what their mission says on their website:

“We want to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform to express their true artistic talents and to spur their creativity. And, we want to provide you with access to unique, hard-to-find items at great values that only the Internet infrastructure can allow. At the deepest essence of our philosophy, we want to create a bridge between you and the many talented artisans across the globe. We want you to know about who you’re buying from. We want you to feel that attachment to the product and to the hands that created it. In the spirit of the Internet, let us bring you together. NOVICA. The World is Your Market.”

I love that they’re in association with National Geographic. And they have artist biographies so you can see the person creating these gorgeous items. So, what did I pick out with my gift card? This lovely Talevera appetizer plate!

The detail is stunning. I fell in love with the Talevera style when we visited Cozumel on our honeymoon. So I’m thrilled to add to my (tiny) collection!

Beautiful, right? Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out for yourself. They’re chock full of great items, from jewelry to linens.

Check out this stunning rug, it would look so modern in your home!

And this chess set would make a cool Father’s Day gift:

And a few more great products to think about:

Now I get to share the love! For your chance to win a $50 gift card, comment below with “Novica” and just for kicks tell me how you spent your Mother’s Day yesterday. I spent the weekend visiting my parents, then came home to a tasty home cooked dinner from the hubs and a whole evening to myself spent sewing. What did you guys do?

Good luck! I’ll be taking submissions until 11:59 CST on May 15.

[important]This was a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.[/important]

39 thoughts on “Novica Feature and Giveaway!

  1. Novica!

    For Mother’s day, we took Layla to the Waco zoo on Saturday. On Sunday, we served in the nursery at church and then inhaled sushi for lunch. Then z gave me 4 hours of uninterrupted sewing time. šŸ™‚

    1. I love the Waco zoo! It’s so awesome now, I’m excited to take a trip back there so Charlie can go. And way to go Z for the sewing time. Nothing beats that šŸ˜‰

  2. Novica

    I spent Mother’s day with my mom, visiting my grandmother (her mother) who is in the hostipal. I also had dinner with my husband’s family šŸ™‚

  3. Novica

    I spent Mother’s Day in Home Depot getting supplies for our ongoing bathroom/kitchen reno, then went for a Sunday Drive and got an ice cream at the local dairy bar. Had a blast!

    1. Ha! Home Depot has been many a date night destination for us too! Good luck on the reno!

  4. Novica

    What a neat idea!
    I spent yesterday with my almost 1 year old daughter! It was wonderful and I don’t get to do that enough with my work and her sleep schedule. Then my mom and grandma came over for dinner. Was fun to celebrate being a mom!

    1. How nice is that? I know a lot of SAHM’s like to use Mother’s Day as a time to get some “me time”, so it makes sense that working moms want to use it for a little more “mama & me time”. Sounds like a great afternoon!

    1. Did you love it? I thought it was hilarious! A little creeped out that JD was making out with someone so young, but hell, I would do it! Love me some Johnny. And it looks like they set it up for a sequel, something to look forward to!

  5. Novica!

    I drove to see my mother yesterday, bringing along my new puppy. My parents were so excited to meet their grandpuppy, as they affectionately call her. We enjoyed playing with her, eating great food, and having time with one another. It was wonderful!

  6. Novica! I spent the day with my mother in law, husband and brother in law. I made her something similar you made your mother in law for her bday. She absolutely loved it and cried!!

  7. Novica! Spent the day with my family! Breakfast in bed and my kids ate all the breakfast they made me:)

    1. How funny, that just figures! We went to the zoo yesterday and saw a couple of mama elephants trying to eat, when suddenly baby’s right there all up in mama’s grill, blocking her food while baby eats it all. Such is life as a mom!

  8. Oh my goodness! The appetizer plate you got on Novica is beautiful! We moved our furniture from my parents’ basement into my new apartment – but my husband was in town, so it was a great mother’s day šŸ™‚

    1. Oooh, a new apartment huh? I love arranging furniture in a new place, it’s always so exciting. Especially when there are husbands to help with the heavy lifting!

  9. Novica!! I spent the day having a BBQ at my parents house. It was so gorgeous outside!
    I followed you from weddingbee, and I’m a first time commenter on your blog.. you inspire me to be more creative, I’m amazed by the things you make! Glad to hear you had a great Mother’s Day!

  10. Novica

    Unfortunately I live quite far from my mom and MIL so my mother’s day was spent working on my dissertation. I tried to do some sanding on a pallet project but the noise only resulted in angry neighbors, the downfall to building things on an apartment balcony.

    1. Oh, neighbors. I’m sure I angered quite a few in my day too. What kind of project are you working on?

  11. Novica

    I was lucky to spend Mother’s Day at my younger sister’s college graduation with our mom and both grandmothers.

    1. Congrats to your sister! And how awesome that you got three generations of women together

  12. Novica

    I spent the day in bed sick with food poisoning. šŸ™ (See? I totally deserve to win!)

  13. Novica! I sent my mom flowers and chocolates via the internet the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and my fiance’s stepmom was in town for a bit on the actual day so we hung out with her!

  14. Novica šŸ™‚ I love the platter you picked out! So happy and bright!

    Happy belated Mother’s day! It sounds like you had a lovely day. šŸ™‚ I had a small birthday/engagement celebration with my soon to be I laws and skyped with my family back home. It was a lovely day. šŸ™‚

    1. How nice that your future inlaws celebrated with you! I know how hard it is to be away from family, so it’s great that you’re getting a new family close by.

  15. Novica! I spent Mothers Day with my husband, 4 kids, and granddaughter. My husband made me shrimp pasta for dinner!

    1. Now that is a good man right there. But the question remains: Did he clean up?? šŸ™‚

  16. Novica! It was nice of them to ask for your review. The pieces from Novica that you picked out for yourself are lovely and the chess set very elegant. I spent Mother’s Day on a great all day motorcycle ride with my sweetie. Fresh air and sunshine can’t be beat.

    1. Sounds like a blast! Makes me want to hop on my scooter and go for a ride later today.

  17. Novica — I know and love it. The worldwide artisan thing is sooooo my style.

    Went to brunch with my mother for Mother’s Day. It was a big deal for both of us to be out of the house, somewhere fancy and adult, without a child in tow. And then a family with a 2yo sat down next to us and she started to throw screaming tantrums. Talk about a sinking heart! (Luckily, she was okay after the first few minutes.)

    1. This is my nightmare when I go out to eat: that Charlie will bug the other customers. Glad the little one calmed down for you guys!

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