November Update

Hey guys! I know posting has been pretty light lately, and I hope my regular readers will forgive me for the slow feed. On a personal note, living at my parents’ home with a broken foot is a bit of a challenge when it comes to blogging. The computer + internet live upstairs, and it’s kind of hard to climb them several times a day with this:

My mom has been completely invaluable though! With the hubs still working 4 days a week in Lake Jackson (a 4 hour trip away) she’s been taking the brunt of childcare duties when it comes to diaper changes and nap/bed times. We hope there’s only a couple more weeks of this before Jacob moves and we can finish up the house! On that note…

We have our rock! And stucco! It’s drying right now, and then they’ll be painting it and finishing up the outside. We’ll have lights and doors and a completely finished exterior! It’s so close I can practically taste it. Inside the insulation has gone up, along with the mantel.

Maybe we’ll have drywall going up this week? I hope so! With the builder’s completion looming ever closer, we’re paring down on our to-do list as well. We grabbed the last couple of appliances (a dishwasher on supersale and a vent hood) and picked out our bathroom tiles. The kitchen cabinet plans are also almost ready to go. I can’t wait to go supply shopping! I think I’m looking forward to building these cabinets most of all 🙂 They’ll either be the feather in my cap or go entirely down in flames, and I’m up to that challenge! And I promise I’ll take lots of photos of the process. Now that I have the boot I’m a lot more mobile. Only 6 weeks left until our goal move-in date! Can. Not. WAIT!


5 thoughts on “November Update

  1. Your house is beautiful! Are you moving to the Wimberly Dripping Springs area? I lived in San Marcos for many years and love that area. Good luck with everything and hope you have a speedy recovery with your foot. Kim – Round Rock, Tx

    1. I’m technically in San Marcos, but we’re in the Wimberley ETJ. We’re much closer to Wimberley than San Marcos, but neither is all that far away! I’m so glad to be back, I went to middle and high school here before moving away. It’s the most “home-like” feel of anywhere I’ve lived!

  2. Hello,
    I am sorry to write to just like that but…. We are planning to build a Tilson house with a semi finished option as well. I was wondering how did you manage to finance your own finishes. So far I am finding that we could only do it by a contractor which is not our intent. My husband is a designer and skillful art wall maker and we would like to add his European creativity to our home. If you could please share with me your experience in the domain of financing your project I will be very grateful. Thank you!

    1. Hi Olga, thanks for writing! So far, we’ve saved on our finished by doing a lot of it ourselves. I purchased plywood and hardware to build our own kitchen cabinets (about $700), bought vintage or sale appliances, plan to build our bathroom vanities, and install our own lights. It’s not horribly expensive when you take it one piece at a time. I’m planning on doing a budget post once we’re all finished (I’m hoping in January!) so it can help break down where the biggest costs are. Honestly the main things have been utilities. Getting power run to our home in the country is about $6,000 and we could only do so much of it ourselves. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me!

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