No Brown-Eyed Girls

So one giant pregnant day, my sister-in-law was asking me what color eyes we thought our baby would have. I was trying to explain genetics as I recalled them in high school, saying that only the genes from the mom, dad, and grandparents affect eye color. I wasn’t entirely sure about that though, because how else do you explain the random red haired lefty children from a family of right-handed brunettes? I wish I had this website earlier, because it makes it super easy! It’s an eye-color generator, and just like I thought, I only input my color, the Husbane’s color, and both of our parents’ eye colors. And guess what? Ain’t no brown-eyed girls ever gonna happen in my future! That’s a big fat 0%. I’m still holding out that Charlie’s eyes will turn green. What can I say? I want her to be like her mama 😉

It’s a fun little diversion, if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. And let’s take a vote, do I hold out any hope for green, or is this the bluest eyed baby you’ve ever seen?

7 thoughts on “No Brown-Eyed Girls

    1. See, I’m not sure either! Because you do get the errant trait that emerges generations later, and you think, wtf? Where did THAT come from? So I dunno. I’m hoping red hair may surface on her too, since mine leans a little toward strawberry. Of course I’ll love her no matter what, but it is still fun to speculate!

  1. Fun! I had blue eyes when I was born, and they turned brown pretty quickly; same with my sister. I *think* all babies are born with blue eyes, and then they change? Maybe?

    1. I think it’s really common with Caucasian babies. They’re supposed to change anywhere between 6-12 months, but I have friends telling me their eyes didn’t “settle” until later in life (some at 5, some at 21!)

  2. Thanks for posting this! It gives me a resource to point my husband’s brown-eyed relatives to when trying to explain that because he and I both have blue eyes, we won’t have any brown-eyed babies 🙂

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