My Hunger Games Dream Cast

So like the rest of the world, I’m pretty darn excited about the Hunger Games movie next month! I’ve even got the hubs ready to go watch it with me. After seeing the promo posters, I have to admit I was a little disappointed in some of the casting, initially. I’m sure once I see them all in action the actors will start to “fit” as the characters. But since this is the internet, in my dream world this is who would play my version of the characters of The Hunger Games movie:

Katniss – Michelle Trachtenberg


She looks young and innocent but can play a tough girl too. Katniss is no pushover.


Peeta – Ed Speelers (aka Eragon)


Source: via Naomi on Pinterest


Nice, sweet, non-threatening, dead sexy. Team Peeta for life!


Gale –

6 thoughts on “My Hunger Games Dream Cast

  1. This may come off mean, but I’m glad they didn’t do your cast. At least for the main characters. I think Michelle Trachtenberg is a horrible actress as well as the Eragon kid. Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) is an academy award nominee and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) was in the cast of an academy award nominated film. They are good actors and I think we need that to avoid another horrible debacle that Twilight was. While I love Ian Somerhalder, he is way too old to play Gale. Gale is 18 and he is way beyond playing that age. I’m excited to hopefully see new talent in this movie and not people who get parts just because they are well known right now. I think and hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the talent here.

    1. Oh I think you’re going to be right that I’ll enjoy who they picked. This is just my “dream cast” of people I would have loved to see. It’s like one of those movies like Valentine’s Day or Love Actually where they have dozens of big name actors and the movies end up sort of “meh”. This list is more like who I envisioned in my head while I was reading the books, body type wise. And sadly I loved Twilight, because of the incredibly awesome awkwardness.

  2. I totally agree with Elle Fanning, Willow Smith and Zac Efron. I think they fit the characters perfectly. I’m so excited to see the movies!!

  3. Great picks! I would have loved to see Elle Fanning, Emma Stone and Mark Salling. But I think Elizabeth Banks was a fabulous pick for Effie and can’t wait to see her turn it out!

  4. Ah – I feel like you and I are the same partially! When I was reading the books, the characters I pictured (well, the actors who I thought could play them) were all way too old…like, I was picturing Alexandar Skarsgard as Finnick…and I KNOW he’s far too old for that role, but I just wanted to make him age appropriate for ME…haha! 😉

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