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Mulan Poster Art | Killer b. Designs



Mulan Poster Art

I’ve mentioned that I’m designing some Disney-inspired posters for Charlie’s room. Last week I did Ariel, this week it’s Mulan! My favorite thing about Mulan is that she models independence, selflessness, courage and determination. This movie isn’t about getting a guy. It’s about a girl wanting to make a difference, and putting herself at great danger to protect her father, family and country. That’s my kind of woman! Definitely someone I’d love my little girl looking up to. I plan on designing a new poster every week featuring a character from a Disney cartoon. I plan to frame them for my daughter’s wall, and perhaps I’ll print up some cards to make a match game or something!



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  1. Kaye

    Mulan is my favorite Disney character of all time.

  2. Alice

    Love this poster! Saving it for future use. Thanks!

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