is COMPLETE! Thank you all for your kind words and good juju as we finished up our home sale process. It was a pretty wild ride. From getting an offer on our very first day (and at FULL asking price!) to dealing with bank-required repairs, it was definitely a roller coaster. We didn’t make the big bucks on this sale. In fact, we lost a whopping $200. Which in all reality isn’t too bad at all. I’m not going to let myself dwell on that, because, hey, it could have been a lot worse! We only lived there just over a year, and things can get crazy with that quick of a turnaround. So really we just paid average “rent” in a mortgage and called it a day!

Oh, and how’s this for irony? I may have mentioned that the buyer is an old schoolmate of my husband. We recently found out (through his Aunt who was our insurance agent and oddly enough the new buyer’s agent too) that they put an offer on the house when it first went for sale before we bought it. Crazy, right?! Their contract fell through, and my bet would be that those sellers weren’t too keen on making as many repairs as we did. But, at least they’re getting a home in great condition now! Another funny twist is they’ve enlisted one of Jacob’s best friends to help move them in on Sunday, and he’s the one who helped us move in too! It really is a small world. In other news…

We have a slab! They poured on Wednesday and delivered the framing supplies on Friday. So by the end of this upcoming week we should have a framed out house. Wowza! It’s going to be so much better being able to watch the progress in person. Plus it’s time to get moving on all those projects!

So I know I’ve been really tied up with the whole packing/moving/building process. To take a moment to pat ourselves on the back, hubs and I moved all by ourselves. The two of us loaded up a 24 foot U-Haul all by our lonesomes, and drove it along with my chock-full SUV and trailer with our baby girl overnight to my parents’ place. After a brief sleep (Charlie had a 2 hour teething episode and then of course the hubs’ had to hunt since it’s deer season) we lugged our sore bodies down to the storage shop to schlep all our stuff back out of said U-Haul and trailer. Then drove the 4 hour drive back that day so we could make closing. So…. I’ve been a little tired πŸ˜‰ But no worries, it’s all done now!

I’ve got a ton of really great stuff on the horizon, so expect some entertaining stories and projects! Plus I got to meet the fabulous Ana White (!) today, and I finally have full access to lumber and tools again. I cannot wait to fire up the saw. Probably tomorrow πŸ˜‰

Love you guys! Thanks so much for all your support along this journey, and for putting up with 6 weeks of boredom while I dealt with the chaos. The rest of this year is going to be GREAT!


4 thoughts on “Move-a-Pallooza

  1. Killer b it wasn’t too long ago that you conceded to me the southwestern coast of Texas to me for sales. Does your move now mean I can have the northeastern Texas coast also? Have a wonderful new life in your new home and keep the ideas flowing south.

  2. A $200 loss is a screaming deal at this point! Our house is under contract right now and when all is said and done we will be loosing about $85,000. Now when anyone comes to me asking if they should buy or rent I tell them not to buy unless you want to stay in that house forever… they never listen to me πŸ™‚

    1. Woah! That is pretty intense. Real estate is so crazy, I could never get into that business! So much stress. Sorry about the major loss you’ll be dealing with. But good luck with the sale!

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