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Mother’s Day LOVE Shirts | Killer b. Designs



Mother’s Day LOVE Shirts

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I needed to get my butt in gear for my mom’s present if I was going to get it in the mail on time. I wanted to make her a custom tee featuring Charlie in some way, so I decided to design the iconic LOVE graphic with a twist: Charlie’s silhouette! I used the same freezer-paper method to make her tee.

Cute, right? I think she’s going to love it! That’s a flower on the top of her head. It was supposed to have a headband, but I forgot to iron it on. Whoops! It still looks alright though.

So after seeing how adorable this tee turned out, I decided to make one for myself, since I’m a mama too 😉 Instead of re-cutting the image, I used the “positive” letters (you use the “negative” or what’s left behind after you separate the letters you cut when you screen print) and then smeared ink all around the image to create an opposite design for my tank. Waste not, right?

I like it! I wanted to capitialize on the whole neon trend going on right now, so I used hot pink and orange. Since I didn’t have any edges (the letters and head are what was ironed on) it has a rough, messy look to it. A little more rock-and-roll, if you will. I can’t wait to wear it! I’ve got to get up and get my lazy butt out of pajamas so I can rock it today 😉 I am so, so in love with the Silhouette machine. It’s the bomb diggity. Looking forward to a long future of fun and exciting projects ahead!

If you would like to download this design, you can do so HERE!


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