Modern End Play Table and Stools: A How-To

modern end play table and stools


I love building. I love being able to express my creativity in a functional way. The best part is when I can combine multiple functions into one piece of furniture. And this one? This one is amazing in its simplicity.




We recently needed to pass on the trundle daybed that my parents loaned us to my sister, and decided that a sleeper sofa was a better option for our office/guest/play room. The added space left me the perfect spot to build a little table. One that’s great to set a drink or a snack. And while my style tends to be very rustic and primitive, this time I really wanted a clean, modern look to match the lines of the sofa.



Not only is it lovely, it’s so easy to build! That’s the best kind, right? Well, what if it also has another function? Like a spot for my little misses to have tea parties and serve up delectables from their play kitchen nearby?




And not only that, but the stools would be a great height for growing kids, but still sturdy and big enough for mamas and daddies too?



Yup. This table takes the cake. Oh, and did I mention you can build it for less than $50? True story. It’s always a bonus when an affordable project looks like a million bucks. So, how easy is this to build? Try 15 minutes and a few basic tools. Here’s what I did:

– 1/2 sheet 3/4″ birch PureBond plywood, cut into 15.5″ strips
– 3 sets of L brackets (to add stability)
– 1 1/4″ screws
– edge banding (optional)

Cut List:
– 1 @ 34″ (table top)
– 2 @ 17″ (table sides)
– 2 @ 12″ (stool tops)
– 4 @ 12″ x 7 3/4″ (stool sides)


Assemble the table by drilling pocket holes into one end of each table leg, attach to table top with pocket hole screws and glue. Repeat for stool legs into stool tops. Add L brackets into each corner for added stability and to reduce wobble. That’s it! You’re done. Sand and finish as desired.



It’s always amazing for me to see a simple stack of cut lumber made over into something beautiful and functional. And what parent doesn’t love a piece of multi-functional furniture? Plus one that’s kid-friendly and not garishly bright or plastic? Plus, the PureBond is formaldehyde free (try finding that in the mountain of pressed-“wood” junk at the big box stores), sustainably harvested and made from hard woods. That’s the kind of materials I want around my kids! And that’s why I love building for myself 🙂



And have I mentioned a few (dozen) times how gorgeous PureBond looks stained?





I believe lustrous would be the right word.

I was able to use the leftover strips from my Schoolhouse Desk Bases, but one sheet of plywood would be enough to make two tables. You can even increase the height of both table and stools if your couch arms are taller than mine. My total cost for supplies (factoring in the half sheet of plywood, edge banding, stain, sealer and brackets) was just under $50. Not bad for a perfectly-sized and styled dual-purpose table! Not bad at all.




6 thoughts on “Modern End Play Table and Stools: A How-To

  1. Hi there!
    Just found this through Pinterest and I was wondering if I can use wood glue to hold the pieces together as I do not have a drill or how else I can get the same product without a drill. thanks!

    1. No, wood glue would not work, it would fall apart in a flash. You have to at least use L-brackets and screws, and glue all the joints. You could use a regular hand-powered screwdriver for this, though it may not be as sturdy as you like.

  2. This is such a great and simple solution to needing an end table and a kid table in my living room. Just think I was going to make it difficult and drive 2 hours to get real wood kid table and chairs and then would have to stain them anyways. Thank you! This is the kid table alternative I have been trying to conjure up on my own

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