Miss Seal’s Ornament

Every year, the Weddingbee bloggers participate in an ornament exchange. You can buy one or make one, so long as it fits in with your moniker. This year, Miss Seal was chosen for me. Here’s her icon:

Cute, right? Here’s the ornament I made for her:

After my giant craft FAIL from yesterday, I’m pleased with this one. I just cut some felt up and sewed it together with a whipstitch. It’s not awful, but I’m really not very strong at “cutesy” crafts, I’ve come to realize! Which is fine by me, since I can’t be great at absolutely everything. I’m relatively decent at home-craft sewing, and good at carpentry and the practical stuff. Building beds? No problem! Sewing adorable little animals? Meh. At least you can never accuse me of being a perfectionist! Ha!

3 thoughts on “Miss Seal’s Ornament

  1. Hecka creepin’ up on yooou! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! <3 Not sure if you got my crazy thankful message on WB yet…but basically I'm obsessed with my ornament. Thank you, pretty lady!

    1. Thanks Seal! So glad you like it (and are borderline obsessed with it). I dunno if you saw my owl plushie post from the day before, but obvs my “cute crafts” skills can be really hit or miss! Hahaha

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