Mirror, Mirror

I finally finished my last nursery project here at the Southern Oaks house. I wanted to have Charlie’s name somewhere in the room, but I also wanted it to be a little different than re-covered chipboard letters that I’ve done before. So with a little brainstorming, my mom and I came up with putting vinyls onto an old mirror, and it was a great idea! It’ll make a great pinboard in the future for her, where she can tape snapshots of her friends or magazine clippings.

Adding vinyls to glass is really simple. We cut the letters out with my mom’s Cricut and their vinyl. It is pretty sticky once you remove the backing, which can be a little tricky with placement. I laid out all the letters to get my spacing right, then stuck them down one by one, smoothing them out with an old rewards card.

Once the letters were attached, I taped off the mirror and added three coats of semi-gloss white paint. Again, it was Olympic no-VOC, so it’s safe for the preggos!

Once the paint dried, I peeled off the tape and had a lovely large mirror for the nursery. It adds a lot of light into the room. And with this complete, I’ve finished up all my planned projects for this nursery/office/guest room! It’s officially done! So today I’ll do a bit of cleaning and snap a few photos for a big reveal tomorrow! Get excited, because it’s my favorite room in the house!

4 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

    1. You know, the more I read about the Silhouette, the more impressive it seems. I really would like to try one, but since my mom gave me her “old” cricut, I could never justify buying a Silhouette. I think someday I may spring for the Sure Cuts a Lot software so I can cut my own designs and not be limited to cartridges. From what I understand, the Silhouette also lets you cut from your own stash of fonts and designs, which is pretty amazing. Especially from a designer’s standpoint

      1. that would be awesome! I didn’t know all that! Crazy thing is that my father-in-law does custom signs/glass art and can do any vinyl I want! I just haven’t taken the time to come up with anything creative just yet… thinking…

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