Milk Jug Table

While browsing the Pinterest garden section, I came across a brilliant little idea. It was an old milk jug topped with a simple round top and turned into a table!

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Super cute, right? And since I already owned a milk jug, I knew I had to do a version for my patio. It would be simple enough to buy a round top from the hardware store and paint it with outdoor paint. But I wanted to get a little fancy and create a metal-topped table to fit the mod feel of my chairs.

This was my first time covering anything with metal, and I’d give myself a “B-“. I’m my father’s daughter and hate to research things. Typically I come up with an idea, brainstorm on how I could make it happen, and then just move right ahead into “execution” mode. So this probably isn’t the proper way to make a metal topped table, but it was cheap and relatively easy so you’re getting a tutorial for it, Killer b. style! My cost for this table was $40 including the milk jug, but it’s kind of a variable depending on what supplies you’ve got and if you can find a jug for a steal. Sometimes those critters are expensive!