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Milk Jug Table | Killer b. Designs



Milk Jug Table

While browsing the Pinterest garden section, I came across a brilliant little idea. It was an old milk jug topped with a simple round top and turned into a table!

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Super cute, right? And since I already owned a milk jug, I knew I had to do a version for my patio. It would be simple enough to buy a round top from the hardware store and paint it with outdoor paint. But I wanted to get a little fancy and create a metal-topped table to fit the mod feel of my chairs.

This was my first time covering anything with metal, and I’d give myself a “B-“. I’m my father’s daughter and hate to research things. Typically I come up with an idea, brainstorm on how I could make it happen, and then just move right ahead into “execution” mode. So this probably isn’t the proper way to make a metal topped table, but it was cheap and relatively easy so you’re getting a tutorial for it, Killer b. style! My cost for this table was $40 including the milk jug, but it’s kind of a variable depending on what supplies you’ve got and if you can find a jug for a steal. Sometimes those critters are expensive!

• Table round – either pre-purchased or cut from wood/plywood. I used 1/2″ plywood and layered them together for a 15″ tabletop. (free!)
• Super Glue that works with metal & wood (about $6)
• Metal flashing (about $8 for 10 feet)
• Staple gun & staples
• Jute/twine (I had this on hand, it’s optional but you’ll most likely need something)
• Milk Jug (I bought mine at an estate sale for $25)

Step 1 – Measure and cut flashing

To start things off, I unrolled my flashing and cut it so I had about a 2″ buffer on each side. Oh, and this was the flashing I bought from Lowes

Since I wanted a 15″ table, I knew I’d have to overlap some in the middle. My seam is pretty unobtrusive so it’s not a huge deal. You could also get some upholstery tacks to nail into the top to give it a riveted look. Once I cut my strips, I set them aside and smeared a whole bunch of superglue down on the first half with a foam brush. Here’s the glue I used:

Step 2 – Bend and Staple

Once you have your glue set, bend over each end and staple it down. Then you’ll keep bending the flashing over the side and stapling.This would have been about six thousand times easier if it had been a square, because I just would have snipped and folded the flashing over with beautiful seams. Not so with a circle. I bent it with a hammer and by smashing the edges on the ground and using the table top as leverage. I made sure the staples were fully in by hammering them. I didn’t have a great process to this, hence my ugly sides. Once you have the first half done (if your table is wider than the flashing) add glue to the other half of the plywood and repeat with the second strip until your table top is covered.

Step 3 – Hot Glue Sisal to Edges

If you look closely, you can see that the edges look like badly wrapped aluminum foil. Yuck. To camouflage them, I decided to grab some sisal rope out of the garage and hot glue it over the rim to hide the folds. It gives it a nice rustic finish, without the risk of getting moldy from being outside.

It took about 4 turns to cover the whole edge.

Much better! The top has a slight ripple, but it didn’t really bother me too much. I wish I had been a better metal beater, but oh well. I’ll have a slightly ripply table to taunt me to perhaps do the research first next time!

To keep the topper on the jug I ran a couple of lines of hot glue, and it keeps it snugly in place. Now it’s the perfect spot to house a bowl of chips or a pitcher of wine! It’s like it descended from the heavens to make my back porch a place I’d actually enjoy to spend a little time.

Enjoy me!

Oh, and did you notice I finally got my second Adirondack chair built and placed? Looks great! We also have our Rustic Cooler back there too. It’s almost ready for house showings. But I need a few more tweaks to get my back porch really shining.

My mom is coming up tomorrow to help watch Charlie while I go into frantic cleaning mode and finish up the last of my projects to get our home ready to list. We want to put it on the market when we break ground on our new place. Hopefully that’s only in a couple of weeks!


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