Mid-Century Console

Have you been eying Mid-Century style furniture, but been balking at the cost? Me too. As a contributor for Ana-White.com, I was searching for the perfect piece of furniture to submit to her for a new plan. I wanted something that was multifunctional. What we needed was storage for the hubs’ work uniforms, since FRC (flame-retardant clothing) shirts and pants are really thick and bulky. They were clogging up the closet! But since we don’t really have enough space for a nightstand AND a dresser, it needed to work double-duty. That’s when I saw this amazing illustration on Pinterest:

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  1. Love this! I wonder if we could double it, two doors, two sets of drawers and make it more of a buffet? Love that you cand buy those legs at Lowes! Nice job 🙂

    1. I think that would be a really easy modification to do! Or you could just build two, and set them next to each other to join or separate as you like

    1. Well you should see the state of my laundry… 😉 I would much rather cut and sand and stain during nap times than dishes or cleaning

  2. OMG, this looks so good! I haven’t worked with ply a lot, but this is gorgeous. I love that it exemplifies that handmade does not have to be rustic. It can be chic! Cool stuff.

    1. Thanks Maria! I think a lot of people choose the rustic look when building because it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good. This project, while smaller in scale than most I’ve built, took the longest and was the most difficult because I wanted it to look perfect. But it definitely gave me the confidence to try other modern pieces in the future!

  3. Brooke this is absolutely fantastic — well done! Would it be absolutely crazy if this was the first thing I ever attempted to build? I just think my husband would LOVE this, and I wonder if I could build it as a surprise..

    1. Thank you Megan! I think it could be a good first project. Get as many of the pieces cut at the lumber store as you can, because it makes it easy to have straight, even cuts. It’s not so important that the dimensions are exactly what they are in the plan, but that the pieces are equal to each other. So your widths need to be equal more than they need to be 20″ wide. In fact, mine were probably 19 7/8″ wide. Make sure you use a square on the angles too! Lastly, if drawer slides are a little intimidating, you can always use a 1×2 as a cleat for the drawer to slide along like Ana’s Farmhouse Nightstand plans. It won’t keep the drawer from falling out completely, but it still works really well and you can always add those slides later if you wish.

  4. i saw this on Ana’s site and this is exactly what i’m looking for. i need something small to put in a space across from my desk, but not too wide, it might block the walkway to my kitchen. thanks for pointing out those lowe’s legs too. the color is beautiful.

    1. Thank you! She chose those who contribute frequently to her site with brag posts and plans. I’m honored to be an Ana tester!

  5. Hey, just found your site through Ana White plans. You do beautiful things! I am building this project and see that you said to stain everything first to avoid drips. Did you stain everything, put it together and then poly or did you stain, poly and then build? I always get a drippy application of stain so Im really trying to get it right this time. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Hi Whitney!
      I drilled all my pocket holes first, then sanded, stained, and built. The poly was my last step. Though if you’re fighting drips it can’t hurt to do the poly prior to assembly either! It wouldn’t change anything. The other benefit of staining first is being able to really get stain into those pocket hole gaps. It makes everything blend in so much better!

      1. Thanks so much! I actually finished before I received your response, I was just too excited. I stained, poly then built and I did get drips 🙁 but its okay because they are in the joints so you can’t see them now that its built. Guess its just something I have to work on. Your right about staining first, its so much better to get into the pocket holes before. Anyway, thanks for finding this inspiration and asking Ana for plans! I love this piece and am sooo proud. Ill be sure to add a brag post on Ana’s site.

        1. I’m sorry about the drips, they still plague me too. I’m glad it worked out! Can’t wait to check out the brag over at Ana’s!

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