Mexican Hand Painted Glassware

Mexican Hand Painted Glassware

One of the best parts about vacation is the souvenir shopping, am I right? You get to take cool stuff home for your friends, and display unique tchotchkies and artwork from your travels to look back on and bore your grandchildren with later on in life 😉 Nearly every shop holds a variety of the same type of thing: talevera-style pottery, hand painted glassware, blankets, tshirts, and cheap coffee mugs and shot glasses. I love these hand painted glasses. They have all styles, from drinking cups, to wine glasses, martini glasses, margaritas, whatever you like!

What I love is that they have different views all the way around.

I paired each glass with a bottle of tequila to give to my lady loves.

There are a lot of different styles, I already packed mine away in an attempt to free up some cabinet clutter when we list the house, but I believe it featured a dolphin. Or a sunflower. Something like that 😉

The good thing was, they were in practically every store for $15 a glass. So now if I go on a Mexican vacation in the future, I’ll be sure to pick up more to collect! And they were a big hit with my girls. I’m sure the tequila didn’t hurt either 😉



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