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Meeting Ana White at The Handbuilt Home Signing! | Killer b. Designs



Meeting Ana White at The Handbuilt Home Signing!

So after our whirlwind moving extravaganza, I decided to crash at Nurse Friend Sam’s place so I could make the Houston book signing with Ana White at Home Depot. Let me tell you, it was totally worth it! After wandering around the store for a bit (pretty much everyone there was just Saturday morning shopping) a friendly worker pointed me in the direction of the event. There were a handful of people there at the beginning, and I got to finally meet Ana in person! It was wonderful. We chatted for a bit, but I wanted to keep my end at a minimum because people weren’t there to hear about me, we were there to see the superstar!

The Home Depot gals were incredibly helpful, they had pre-stained the boards Ana cut and pre-drilled so the frame she was demonstrating from the book looked fabulous. She had one of the audience ladies come try out the Kreg Jig, and in a total serendipitous moment the same gal won that frame in the drawing! I thought it was entirely appropriate.   She was one lucky lady to not only help Ana with the frame, but get to take it home too! They had a lot of fun prizes, from tool belts to gift cards. Yours truly won a $50 card and will be trekking over to pick up some PureBond sometime soon!

After the presentation, we got to ask some questions and chat a bit more. It was really fun to talk about building and the Momplex and all that good stuff. Then we all lined up to get our goods signed. I waited around to catch the end of the line so I could have a few extra moments to talk to Ana and also because I brought quite a haul! Not only did I bring my copy of the book (and am kicking myself for not bringing a few extras to get signed for my friends), I brought my favorite drill! Now it’s going to be my lucky drill since it’s been blessed by Ana’s signature 😉 And lastly I had to take the frame for the Born to Build printable I made for Charlie’s room! Now that girl is set for a head start 😉

Super cute! I can’t wait to hang it in her new bedroom. Anyway, if you’re waffling on making it out to one of her book signings, I highly encourage you to go! It’s so much fun to see how sweet and kind and real she is in person. It’s easy to get caught up in the “celebrity factor” of a big blog and forget that they’re all just regular people behind them. Plus you should bring all sorts of goodies to get signed! Oh, and buy the Handbuilt Home. It’s an awesome read! I know there are tons of plans for free on her blog, but the getting started section is an amazing resource, especially if you’re new to building. I picked up a few tricks myself!


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  1. Amanda

    Looks like fun! I’m getting her book soon and I can’t wait to read it!

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