Meeting Ana White at The Handbuilt Home Signing!

So after our whirlwind moving extravaganza, I decided to crash at Nurse Friend Sam’s place so I could make the Houston book signing with Ana White at Home Depot. Let me tell you, it was totally worth it! After wandering around the store for a bit (pretty much everyone there was just Saturday morning shopping) a friendly worker pointed me in the direction of the event. There were a handful of people there at the beginning, and I got to finally meet Ana in person! It was wonderful. We chatted for a bit, but I wanted to keep my end at a minimum because people weren’t there to hear about me, we were there to see the superstar!

The Home Depot gals were incredibly helpful, they had pre-stained the boards Ana cut and pre-drilled so the frame she was demonstrating from the book looked fabulous. She had one of the audience ladies come try out the Kreg Jig, and in a total serendipitous moment the same gal won that frame in the drawing! I thought it was entirely appropriate.

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