Little Ladder Table

On another use-up-all-my-scraps-pile mission, I decided to give the Ladder Table Plans a try. Well, the actual name is Super Easy but a Little Tricky Ladder Table plans, and that pretty much sums it up. Angles still throw me off, so it took a couple of tries to get the ladder steady. Once I did though, it looked great.

I gave it a layered red finish. For some reason my 1×3 scraps didn’t want to play nice, and I split a board in half testing it out as a stool. So it’s now designated as decorative-use-only. I listed it for $25, mostly because I didn’t want to spend a ton of time finishing it out, and it’s kind of a hodge-podge of boards. It would make a really cute stool on a front porch with some plants. I hope it finds a good home!


6 thoughts on “Little Ladder Table

  1. Looks awesome! My husband and I have done a few of these too.

    Where do you list you things for sale….just Craigslist?

    We’ve really thought about building things for others but it makes me nervous. :-/

    I have always admired your creations, from Ana’s early days all up though now!!


    1. A tutorial is coming soon! I submitted the table to Ana to make plans for her site, since it’s based on her design. Should be up sometime around Tuesday. As far as sales, right now I list them on my local Beg, Buy, Barter, Sell page on Facebook. It’s like a community wide garage sale. I’m pricing low since I just started building for sale a couple of months ago. Like you, I just get so nervous! Especially on commissions, because people are unreasonable sometimes and I think they’re going to come pick up their piece and tell me it didn’t meet their expectations. So I’m more comfortable selling what I’ve already built than booking sales on things I then have to go build.

  2. I’m stopping by from Miss Mustard Seeds Furniture Feature Fridays.
    You have done a fabulous recycle. You’ve given it new life!

  3. You do really great work. I too have the build bug and have developed something called Vibration Induced White Finger…Yes it is a real malady. I have built four of the step stools. My latest is the Big Ur Farm Table which really came out great. I also got it from Ana White. I build just to build and learn new techniques so a lot of my hard work I just give away. I have thought about Craigs List or E-Bay. Any thoughts? I too would only sell what I build.
    Keep the Imagination Moving Forward,
    Jake from Corpus Christi, Texas

    1. Thanks Jake! I like the Big Ur tables, I may have to build one too at some point. Ana has a disclaimer on her website that people are free to sell what they build from their plans, you just need to sell it at a “reasonable price” you determine on your own. Basically she doesn’t want people exploiting those that don’t build, since her whole mission is to bring quality, affordable, hand made furniture into our homes. So I say go for it! Locally via Craigslist or if your city/county has a Beg Buy Barter Sell page on Facebook is an easy place to start. Shipping can get to be a nightmare, though there are a lot of Ana fans on Etsy selling pieces. Since I’ve got the upper area of the Texas Gulf Coast covered, it’s high time your area got a chance to buy great stuff too!
      Brooke from Lake Jackson, Texas

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