Little Hunter’s Onesie

Meet Charlie’s baby boyfriend, Hunter. He’s Nurse Friend Sam’s adorable little boy, and he’s only 2.5 weeks younger than my Charlie. They’re built-in-besties for sure! So when my Mother’s Day Silhouette machine came in the mail last week, I knew the perfect project to break it in with. A custom onesie for Hunter! My husband grew up with Sam’s husband, and they’re both huge hunters. So I whipped up a design in Illustrator that perfectly sums it up: “Don’t you wish your daddy could HUNT like mine” Too cute! I’m going to have to make a matching one for Charlie. Here’s how I used the Silhouette to create this cute little onesie:

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  1. My husband got me a Silhouette machine for Xmas and so far I’ve only made thank you cards for my baby shower. This is such an awesome use of the machine!!! I love the cheap wax paper method and am totally going to be making custome onesies for my daughter and her little friends. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

    P.S. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love all your tutorials. There are a lot of great ones I tagged for future projects. Keep blogging so I can keep oohing over all the cool stuff you do!

  2. Ok, so maybe I am a dip because I have not been able to figure this out, but how did you get your design from Illustrator to the Silhouette program? Maybe do a tutorial on it if you think it would be helpful for more people!

    1. I googled around because for some reason I thought you could import SVG files into the software, which you can’t. Basically you do file->open and choose your illustrator file, which it reads as an image. Then you mess around with the tracing settings until it matches the design. I used this tutorial to help:

      1. Ahh, yeah, I think I thought you could import SVG files too! And, I think you actually could at one time, but one of the updates might of removed that feature. I’ll have to check out tutorial you linked to! Thanks!

  3. That turned out amazing! And how cool is it that you could make it yourself!?

    You mentioned freezer paper (which I haven’t of before) and then wax paper later. Are they similar?

    1. Yeeps! I meant freezer paper the whole way through, I messed up by mentioning wax. Don’t use wax paper! I’ll have to edit the post and take that out. Freezer paper is in the same aisle as the wax paper and foil, you just may not have noticed it. Traditionally it’s used to wrap meat meant for the freezer, butchers use it a lot. But the waxy side irons perfectly to fabric with no residue, so it’s a perfect solution for screenprinting small-order custom designs. You iron it, paint on your fabric, then peel it right off! So easy.

      1. Great! Thanks for clearing that up! I have a friend with a baby on the way, and I think I’ll be making her some onesies this weekend :).

    1. Yeah, I saved up for it, then convinced the hubs to contribute the last as a Mother’s Day gift. It was totally worth it, mostly because as a designer I can finally use my own work for stuff! The cricut is just so limiting. But you can do freezer paper designs without a fancy machine. I used to do it old-school with an exacto knife 😉

    1. I use Yudu fabric screenprinting ink, since I already had the system. You can get them at Michaels for about $7 a bottle, but there are probably cheaper fabric inks out there. I just really like these because of how light they feel after heat setting, and they stay strong even through a lot of washes.

  4. I love this and would like to do onesies for my baby. However, I can’t afford the machine yet. Do you have any tips/tricks on how to cut out different designs without this machine? I need to show my hubby that the machine is worth it… 😉

    Also, where do you buy your onesies?

    1. I get my onesies at Walmart, and you can cut out designs with an exacto knife. Just print out your design on freezer paper, then cut it out and iron to your onesie! It’s still easy, just a bit more time-consuming

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