Lime Green Do It Yourself Baby Chair

I just love these sweet little baby chairs, and who doesn’t love a splash of lime? I had a request to build one of my Do It Yourself Baby Chairs for a soon-to-be first time grandma, and was very happy to oblige! I chose a very bright and happy lime, and decorated it with a graphic star using a black paint pen.

And of course, before I let it go I needed to check it with Quality Control. She needed to inspect it from afar first.

Then it was time to check the comfort and fit!

Looks like we passed! One lucky little boy is going to have himself a great new baby-sized chair, Charlie Approved.

I figured we needed a star rather than a flower this time. These are really fun chairs to build and decorate, I’m going to have to start a lineup of them here pretty soon!

This would be a very fun baby-shower gift, or even for a first Christmas. I plan to work on a sized-up version soon for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Something that’s fun for them to paint and decorate and carry around the house with them!

[important]To build your own chair, view my step-by-step tutorial here![/important]

8 thoughts on “Lime Green Do It Yourself Baby Chair

    1. I bet I can use a diaper box and throw a few books in there and call it “media mail”. Maybe $8?

      1. haha! sounds perfect. i can mail you a check, paypal, or online transfer, but i want one! just let me know!! ;D

        1. Okay I will put it in my queue! I think I’ll upsize it just a bit so she can fit in it longer.

  1. I am getting ready to build this chair as a shower gift tomorrow. I want to make one for my 22 month old Grandson. I enlarged it 150% (you mentioned doing that in another post about the baby chair) and it can be built with a 1 X 12. He is 34″ tall so I am thinking I may have to go a little bigger and use a 1 X 16 for it. I am thinking that I will keep the width of the 150% and add 4 in to height of back and arms, 4 in to the seat depth. Would that work out right? If you enlarge it all over, it will start looking like a bench I think.

    1. Hm. There aren’t any 1×16’s at the lumber store, though you could get a quarter sheet of plywood. The benefit of plywood is it will be harder than the soft pine and less likely to split on you while you’re cutting and screwing.

  2. A 1X12 will work for the 150% blow up, side measures 10.5″. I may just add enough to take up the full 12″. The seat depth comes out to 8.25″. He has a resin chair that he fits in now but I want him to be able to use it for a little while.

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