Leaving Lake Jackson

As we prep for the big move and pack up our lives, it’s nice to take a beat and think of all the great things about our little town. It may not have a Starbucks, or a steak house, or a lot of things you’re able to get in the “big city”. But it’s got a lot to offer, and we’re sure going to miss it. The biggest thing? Having the beach only 15 minutes away!

Charlie has found a love for the beach, and I’m sad it’s going to be so far away. But we’ll be back quite a bit to visit family, so she’ll at least have some great summer memories here.

We may not have a lot of culture to offer, but there is a museum and an aquarium (the Sea Center) that’s a go-to destination on cranky afternoons. The best part is they’re free! We’ve spent many many hours considering touching the starfish (so far she hasn’t mustered up the courage to actually touch them, but she does get thisclose then pull her hand away and giggle) and watching the baby sharks swim around. Bonus? The Sea Center is only 1/2 a mile away, so we can walk there pretty easily. The blistering summer heat hasn’t allowed that in a while, but I’d like to pack in a few more of them now that it’s cooling off.

If you followed me over from Weddingbee, you’ll know that we also got married here in one of the local park pavilions. We even went back today to have a little picnic at the tables and get a little swing action in. I love driving by and remembering our wedding all over again.

One thing that the Hill Country just doesn’t have are these massive, glorious trees. The one in G-Ma’s backyard was over 12 feet around! They are everywhere, and they are beautiful. They call Lake Jackson the “City of Enchantment” and I would agree purely for the trees.

As excited as we are to be moving, we’re also really sad to leave this place. To leave our people. We’ve had a great time here as a family, and I don’t want to forget that.


3 thoughts on “Leaving Lake Jackson

  1. So fitting that you wrote about moving away from an adopted city as I am doing the same and had similar reflections on my commute home today. Its the random things you take for granted like the small cafe that serves homemade pasta and is run by a couple from Italy and their 2 sons just as much as the big things like good friends that came to my mind. I am sure you will have many fond visits in your future!

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