Laundry Platform with Rolling Drawers



While I love my high-efficiency laundry machines, they aren’t that easy on the back. I’ve seen several versions of DIY pedestals for them, but didn’t really see what I was looking for. I didn’t want open storage for baskets as I thought that would set them up just a bit too high. And while drawers are great, the plan was to use the hidden storage for things like extra cat litter and dog food, which would be pretty heavy on slides. So, why not make a basic platform out of scrap stud-grade wood, and face it with pretty trim and rolling drawers? Sounds like a great solution to me!



I made the drawers with scrap plywood and castors screwed into the bottom. The face is 1/2″ plywood painted white, set up from the ground about an eighth of an inch so it doesn’t scratch the floors.



I used a couple of L brackets to keep it in place, which was a quick and easy solution. I didn’t want to mess around with filling holes or lining up nails, hoping it would hit the plywood behind it. I simply screwed the brackets into the base first, then held the drawer up in place and marked where the brackets needed to go.



As far as the platform, here’s the construction method I chose. I apologize for not taking process shots, I had a slim window to build it after Charlie’s bed time so I wanted to knock it out as quickly as possible.