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Laundry Platform with Rolling Drawers | Killer b. Designs



Laundry Platform with Rolling Drawers



While I love my high-efficiency laundry machines, they aren’t that easy on the back. I’ve seen several versions of DIY pedestals for them, but didn’t really see what I was looking for. I didn’t want open storage for baskets as I thought that would set them up just a bit too high. And while drawers are great, the plan was to use the hidden storage for things like extra cat litter and dog food, which would be pretty heavy on slides. So, why not make a basic platform out of scrap stud-grade wood, and face it with pretty trim and rolling drawers? Sounds like a great solution to me!



I made the drawers with scrap plywood and castors screwed into the bottom. The face is 1/2″ plywood painted white, set up from the ground about an eighth of an inch so it doesn’t scratch the floors.



I used a couple of L brackets to keep it in place, which was a quick and easy solution. I didn’t want to mess around with filling holes or lining up nails, hoping it would hit the plywood behind it. I simply screwed the brackets into the base first, then held the drawer up in place and marked where the brackets needed to go.



As far as the platform, here’s the construction method I chose. I apologize for not taking process shots, I had a slim window to build it after Charlie’s bed time so I wanted to knock it out as quickly as possible.

• 1 – 8′ 4×4
• 6 – 8′ 2×4

Cut List:
• 9 – 4×4 legs @ 10″
• 3 – 2×4 leg supports @ 27″ (measure the width of your machines to make sure they’re long enough)
• 6 – 2×4 braces @ 54″ (measure the length of both machines and add a half inch or so for good measure)

I used three supports, which meant drilling a 2×4 stud into three 4×4 legs. You could probably get away with 2×4 or 2×6 legs, but I had the scrap 4×4’s and wanted extra stability. Once my legs were in place, I set two 54″ 2×4’s on each end to make a square shape, then measured the halfway point to have the middle leg support in the center of the machines. I actually used a mix of 2×6 and 2×4’s for the supports because that’s what I had. It doesn’t have to look pretty, because it will be hidden. If you’ll have an exposed side you can simply cover it with some scrap plywood or 1″ thick planked boards.



I had two knobs left over from our kitchen cabinets, which match the shiny chrome of the light fixture above and the trim on the machines. I’m not sure if I’ll add anything on top of them. It’s a bit too high to do any folding. Maybe I’ll find a unique old sign or hanging rack for above them someday.

laundry-room-progressAs far as the rest of the room, I have a few more things to do to polish it off. We recently adopted a kitten for Charlie (who adores her immensely) and handling litter while pregnant is a pretty much forbidden. So my mom decided to gift us with this monstrosity of an automatic litter box. It’s great for keeping the room clean and fresh, but a huge eyesore. We had to flip the freezer sideways for it to fit. I think I’m going to add a table/shelf unit that will be freezer height, and hang some sort of curtain or flap in front of the box. That way we all get a little privacy from the kitty toilet.  I also intend to do something to hide that strange pipe above the freezer. I’m not really sure what it’s for. Maybe I’ll find a metal box to use as a display shelf?

Otherwise, I’m really loving this new platform! It makes loading laundry a lot easier, and I only needed to purchase a quarter sheet of 1/2″ plywood for $8, and the storage bins for the shelves. That made my expenses about $25. Considerably less than those store-bought prices! And even if you need to buy lumber, it would cost around $60ish, which is still incredibly affordable. The hardest part about this project will be getting those suckers UP onto it!



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