Laundry Hutch

I’ve been trolling Craigslist for a few weeks now, trying to score the perfect hutch for my laundry room. I was seriously lacking in storage for all the junk that comes with doing laundry, and wanted something more original than the typical cabinets. I’m kicking myself in the pants about this because G-ma totally had a perfect one, and I set it out by the road for Curb-cycling. Someone scored it for free, and now I wanted one! Rats.

I found this beauty about an hour away for 25 bucks, and it was perfect. Even better, I had a birthday dinner to go to in a town nearby, so The Husbane came with me and we picked it up on the way. It was old brown wood, and had a snazzy light on the inside. I took the light out, and painted three coats of glossy black paint on it. Perfect!

We mounted it with four 85lb brackets, that just so happened to match the grey paint of the walls. It was meant to be. I also added a shelf to the bottom, where it would normally rest on a buffet or dresser.

I measured the gap, then ripped a scrap sheet of plywood left over from the Husbane’s corner desk (which he’ll finish someday, so I can blog about it!) I cut it to length, made sure it fit, then coated it with the same gloss black paint.

I love having this as our laundry room storage! It’s so fun, so pretty. I smile every time I go in to do the laundry. There are still a couple of projects on my list before I call this room complete, but it’s really coming together.

Have you ever used something in a non-traditional way? Did it turn out like you hoped?

7 thoughts on “Laundry Hutch

  1. My husbands aunt had a top of a hutch she was giving away so I told her I wanted it, Excellent shape, and I was wanting to do this same thing. Is yours very heavy? What all exactly did you use to put it on the wall?

    1. Hi Sheena,
      I used four 100lb-rated shelf brackets, screwed into the studs. I wanted to make sure it was sturdy enough for the hutch and all the things I wanted to fill it up with.

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