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It’s been over three months since we signed the paperwork to build our new home, and we’re thisclose to finally getting started. It’s crazy how that works, isn’t it? With our build on the horizon, we called in a realtor to come take a look at our current home tonight and get our listing together. Since I’m paranoid she’s going to show up with a point-and-shoot, I took a bunch of photos of the place with all our finished projects. So of course I’m going to share with you guys! Please feel free to give me tips and pointers on how to make my home show better. If there’s something you love/hate to see when you’re house hunting, I want to know about it!

Here’s the breakdown:

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  1. Unfortunately, it’s the pics. The three big ones in the living room aren’t bad,but the strip of them underneath is overkill. They make your eye stop short instead of following up to see the lovely height of your walls. Blue wall in dining area – ditto. One larger thing centered would be better. Cow et al over windows. Three small ones over bed. For someone looking all those pictures are distracting. Charlie’s room and the orange room are nice. You’ve done a great job cleaning and decluttering. Neutrals may be “in” but sometimes it’s that pop of color that makes a prospective buyer remember your house. I know of one couple who showed their pink house,and at a realtor’s advice painted it white. The buyers remembered the pink and wanted to buy “the pink house” – they had to repaint it,lol. Good work! and good luch!

    1. Thank you so much Kezia! You’re thinking remove the wood strip entirely? And I’d be much, MUCH happier with taking down my gallery and replacing it with one piece of art over switching out all those photos inside the frames. Ditto the cows, and since the frame to the left is our marriage license, I’ll probably nix that too. I just want to still live in a “home” and not a house, if that makes sense. I appreciate your input!

  2. Entire wood strip,yes,because that’s where your eye hangs up. Maybe you could use the cows on the blue dining room wall instead of having to get something else. Seems it’s about the right size. Also – for what it’s worth,your huge windows would be a selling point if I was a buyer.

    1. I like the way you think! It would be so easy to move those over. Seriously, I have the best commenters ever! You’re all such a big help

  3. I think your house will show great! I agree with your feeling about the hall hangings but I don’t think that will kill the showing if you decide to leave them up. Charlie’s room is great and I’d leave the paint for now. You have done a great job with the house and I think buyers will be receptive! We just bought a home in Houston and none of the ones we looked at we’re staged as well as yours. 🙂

    1. Thank you girl! I get nervous because the home was on the market for over 9 months when we bought it, and they were desperate to sell. I’m really hoping that’s not what’s in store for us.

  4. Most of the time I don’t think wall color is a dealbreaker like you’re worried about. The house we live in now, when we were looking to buy every room in the house was painted a different color

    1. I think my color worries stem from watching way too many House Hunters episodes. The couples are constantly whining about paint colors, and all I can think is, “That’s such an easy change!” But still they complain. Hopefully the average buyer is a lot smarter than their tv counterparts

  5. I think it looks great! I wouldn’t worry too much about the wall color, but I’d definitely remove the personal photos – I love the idea of moving the cow one into the dining room – quick and easy! 🙂

  6. I wouldn’t worry about wall color either – and agree with previous comments about streamlining pictures. For some reason the tiny artwork above your big bed in the bedroom really distracts my eye – but it might be nitpicky. Make sure all the windows are open during showings so the light can come in!

    1. Since you’re the second one to mention that, I’ll take it down. I get so weird about naked walls, like I need to fill them all up! This is why I’m more of a builder than a designer 😉

  7. I personally think your house is wonderful! The only thing I would suggest…is some big bright colored flowers out front. Curb appeal is EVERYTHING!!! Your house is sharp…well maintained and well groomed! As far a the photographs go…they’re beautiful…but your real estate agent is suggesting that because other folks have a VERY hard time picturing themselves in a home that looks like it belongs to someone else. Photographs of people….just remind them…that your house… YOUR house. It’s all a mind game when selling a house. Stage it romantically and the “dream” lifestyle that the lake provides….they need to be able to “imagine” the perfect life there! I’m not an expert…but my husband and I have bought and sold houses the whole twenty three years we’ve been married…and my houses…even in the worst economy….have NEVER taken more than three weeks to sell.

    1. Wow, that is incredibly impressive! I’m kind of hoping it takes longer than 3 weeks, since that’s about the timeline we’ll be starting to build the new house.

      I think I’ll get started on taking down personal photos today. But I’m leaving up the big 3 in the living room, if it looks like it’s an issue I’ll get some fabric to wrap over them!

  8. First of your house is BEAUTIFUL! The only changes I would make would be to add flowers to the front for a cheery entry, to add some flowers to the back where your patio chairs are, and to add some more pops of colors to your master bath. The only thing I really can see in there that pops of color is your toothbrush and you don’t want buyers to be thinking about that while in there.

    1. Hahaha, good point! I should probably just stash those in a drawer. Maybe a pretty candle or something? I don’t like plants/flowers in a bathroom because of mold and mildew.

  9. We just listed our house last night! So scary/exciting/ohmygoshIhavetokeepthisplaceclean.

    Our relator said that people can normally look past photos of babies or wedding photos but can be distracted by photos of vacations or things like that. She said someone might stop and try to see where you went skiing or admire your boat, ect.

    Your house looks great!

  10. I would find a place to tuck away your laundry basket that is completely out of sight. Particulary for photos, I would not have it viewable. Or consider picking up an inexpensive hamper that would fit in the space.

    I agree with the comments at the photos.

    In the master bath, I would consider a point of interest on the counter. I think you already mentioned putting away the toothbrushes and adding a candle. When I was listing my last home, I picked up some really inexpensive premade floral arrangements from Michaels (50% off) that I added to my bathroom and dining room table. I think I spent less than $20 on two.

    Good Luck and I hope the sale happens in the timeframe you want.

  11. Your house looks great! I actually really like your gallery wall in the kitchen. The frames pop on the blue wall and the whole gallery arrangement is really popular right now, some i wouldn’t worry about the personal pics there. I would suggest covering the big photos in the main room up with fabric, like you suggested. We just bought and sold a house in Texas and when we were house hunting, I found myself being kinda creeped out when I saw big photos of the original owners. it’s hard to distance yourself from them when you see something so large. I didn’t want to live in a house that I could so vividly picture the prior owners in, if that makes sense. Your master looks awesome! Our house sold in 11 days, right during the holidays. We took out a lot of the clutter, decor, knick knacks, etc. and if we got a short enough notice that someone was coming to look at it, i’d light a candle right before we left. Turn on lamps, make it feel cozy, etc. oh and we had lots of colored walls, including a (darker) orange one. Our realtor described them as “designer paint colors” in our listing. Good luck!!

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