Knocked Off: Tilt-out Trash Cabinet

My trash situation has been dire lately. A while back I spray-painted my old plastic can chrome in an attempt to un-grodify it a little. It helped, but then my dogs learned how to pop off the top. Which meant trash everywhere, all the time! And when trash occasionally consists of poop diapers, shit gets real, so to speak. So I decided to build one of Ana’s Tilt-Out Trash Cabinets to protect our waste from prying paws.

It only cost me $15, but mostly because I had a lot of stuff on hand. I bought a 1×12 for the cabinet and the trim pieces, but the shopping list kind of forgets that you’ll need a door. So here I am, with a cabinet built, and no plywood in my garage. So what do I build a door out of? Well, I guess a shutter will do!

It’s scrap from my old bifold closet doors that I cut down and added a little trim to. It was a trial of errors, and finally I got something that worked. I also have a large stash of random hardware because my dad decided to buy a trailer of goods from an Ace store going out of business and gave a ton of stuff to me. So I had hinges, a pull, and a clasp for the inside so it clicks and stays shut. The one problem with my cabinet?

My trash can is too big! Well, I guess that’s kind of a pro, in the sense that the door can’t fall all the way open and dump trash everywhere. But it’s a PITA when it comes to changing the bag, because I have to pull out the cabinet, take out the bin, then change the bag. I know, it’s a tough life. But otherwise, I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s a lot prettier than my dingy old can, and keeps it safe from my mutts. Plus the white helps brighten up the space. In fact, I’ve got a bit of a mini-laundry-room makeover tomorrow for you, with lots of white paint involved!


7 thoughts on “Knocked Off: Tilt-out Trash Cabinet

  1. I really like your adaptation with the shutter. I have been contemplating making one of these for my laundry hamper. Thanks for the idea of a shutter front!

  2. You are always creating such neat things! One question – what does Charlie do when you are building? Does she hang out with you? How do you keep her “contained” when she is so mobile? Or do you build while she is napping/someone is watching her?

    I’m curious because my daughter is 10 mths old and into everything, I can barely have time to boil a pot of water in peace, LOL

    1. Thank you! Well, typically all my building happens during nap times or when my husband is home to watch her. Sometimes we put her in the playpen in our shaded driveway while we both build, and it’s a toss up if she will stay happy or not. And I totally know the feeling. She’s 8.5 months now and going through a mommy-attachment phase. I can’t fill up a bottle in time before she’s rounding the corner and climbing up my legs! It’s half adorable, half exasperating. But I’ll take it 🙂

  3. That is exactly what I need!! I have doberman that gets in the trash can when we’re gone. It’s a hassle to have to move the can where she can’t get it. Great project!

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