Knocked Off: Tidy Up Coffee Table

Um…I kind of have a confession to make. Remember this table? The one I said wasn’t for sale? Yeah. I sold it. It was all because of this Ana plan:


Source: via Killer on Pinterest


Cool, right? I loved it! So, I priced out the materials for what I thought it would cost (by now you’d think I’d have learned that I price low and should have added 15 bucks) and sold my old door table for $75 on a Facebook group. In one day! *sidenote: now I want to find as many doors as I can to build and sell more coffee tables! That thing sold in less than 2 hours!* I’m soooo in love with our new table though.

Why is it notched? Cause that trundle is on wheels!

This sucker has so much storage considering the width is a foot shorter than my old beheamoth. I can fit all of Charlie’s toys, her diaper bag, my box of photo albums and baby books, and store my quilts so they’re now safe from all the dog fur plaguing my house.

Not too shabby, huh? I love the notched handles too. It’s just the right amount of detail to make the front interesting.

I decided to go cheap on the wood and use furring strips, not just for the price. They have rounded instead of sharp edges, so with only a quick sanding they were deemed baby-safe. I also made sure to do some rounding out on the corners to help with that. I think Charlie approves.

We tried something new with the stain. I used Rustoleum’s Ultimate Wood Stain in Golden Oak. I love this stain because of how evenly it applies on bare pine, especially the cheap stuff. If you recall my husband’s bookcase door, Polyshades is pretty much a staining nightmare. We also switched up the application. On my Mid Century Console, I brushed the stain (in Kona) on, with no wiping. I also did that on my 5 Shelf Industrial Cart. *I promise I’m not trying to plug all my projects, but for all you refinishers out there, I think you’ll find the stain applications interesting* Now that I knew that Ultimate stain didn’t need to be wiped, I decided it was time to break out the Husky airbrushing system I got for my birthday. Since it wasn’t paint it didn’t require any thinning. We just poured the stain into a bowl with a spout and used that to get it into the plastic tank. In just 10 minutes, we had a perfect coat of stain on both the trundle and the top! We even stained the insides of both pieces! I normally skip that, since it takes so long and is hard to do. Not anymore! I doubt I every brush/wipe stain on again. It’s all airbrushing from here! Goodness, is that stain even. I love it.

The other good thing about cheap furring strips is that they have a lot of texture. I love the detail of the grain and all the knots in the wood. Oh, and the top? Though the plan calls for you to build a frame of 2×2’s and screw the top boards in from below, I had a really hard time getting them to suck in flush without the screws popping through. So, we countersunk 2 holes on each end of each board and screwed down from the top. To finish, I bought some 3/8″ button plugs in the moulding aisle and hammered them in with a little wood glue to keep them down. I think it adds a beautiful little detail.

They also have flush-topped plugs, and they’ll take stain a lot better than wood filler will. So if you want a flat top, that would work too. You’d notice it, but it would be a lot more subtle.

I know I say this every time, but I think this is my new favorite build. It really looks professional to me. The stain is even (moreso than the photos show, stain is tough to photograph) the details are spot on, and it’s got so much function. The two foot width is really a game changer. Our old table was huge (which was both awesome and horrible since it was a clutter-magnet) and didn’t fit the space well. This one tucks in just right. Also, having the lower shelf tempted my baby girl to keep trying to climb in it, and bonk her head repeatedly. That meant lots of crying. Another bonus is having the storage up to the top. I can stack the trundle full of blankets and toys and they stay in one place, unlike a shelf. It’s easy cleanup! I love love love this table. So glad I built it.

Last tip: Since there is no shelf or brace below, you’ll need to add some L-brackets to the sides. We just screwed them right into the 2×2 frame and the 1×6 side pieces. Now the sides are solid as a rock. Also, with the buttons, brackets, casters and lumber, my total cost for the project was $85. Not too shabby considering it was only $10 out of pocket!

14 thoughts on “Knocked Off: Tidy Up Coffee Table

    1. You should build one! So much fun. And nothing gives me that silent pat on the back than walking into a room with furniture I built. Satisfaction at its best!

  1. I bought casters to make this table already but haven’t been able to buy the wood yet. I love how your’s turned out!!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I bet yours is going to be spectacular too. You just can’t lose with this table. It’s fabulous. I definitely recommend buying the L-brackets too, just to be on the safe side.

    1. Thank you Alice! The design is just perfect. You can tell a mom did it, because there’s just so much storage and great use of space! GAH! Loving it. Ana White is seriously a goddess

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