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Knocked Off: Schoolhouse Desk Bases with D Lawless Hardware | Killer b. Designs



Knocked Off: Schoolhouse Desk Bases with D Lawless Hardware


Hey guys! Now that I’ve settled more into new parenthood of two (little Caroline arrived late September to join big sister Charlie) I’ve been filling in those rare double nap times with some building. One thing in particular? Updating our desk bases! See, I started out with these vintage end tables:




I really liked the look, and that I found a fun and unusual way to repurpose these vintage tables. The problem? Well, they weren’t as functional as I would like. I couldn’t store things below the two tables on the ends, and there were cords tangled up behind the center table. Plus, the protruding bases actually acted as a nice little ladder for Charlie to climb up and onto the desk. Which meant a terrified mama and some broken containers. As you can also see, it was tough to clean beneath them because of those lower supports. So, as sad as I was, it was time to replace them with something else. And as soon as I saw the Schoolhouse Desk collection from Ana that Jamie of That’s My Letter built, I knew it was the one!



Putting the tables together was a lot of fun and really quick. I had two sheets of 3/4″ birch PureBond ripped down into 15.5″ strips in store, which meant three strips per board. Then I just cut the lengths at home on my chop saw. I cut as much as my saw will go (roughly 12″) then flip it over and finish off the cut. It’s easier for me than trying to manage the table saw by myself. Once all the cuts are made it’s simply a matter of drilling my Kreg holes and screwing it all together. Oh, and if you’ve built bases like this before, I can guarantee that you can build kitchen cabinets. The method is exactly the same.



I spent one day building the three bases and drawers/doors, then the next evening I stained them. I chose Minwax gel stain in Walnut, because I had half a can leftover from my sister’s X-Base Pedestal Table from the summer. At first it kind of looks muddy, but I promise you, stain is truly where PureBond shines.



Three coats of glossy polyurethane later and they were ready to put in place! So, so shiny.



For the center of my desk, I chose the Project Table Desk plan because of the additional width. I’m using it as media storage for the combo dvd/vhs player a friend gave us, as well as our Wii and router/modem. The boxes below stash all our remotes and accessories. I decided to just make shelves instead of the cubbies to have a bit more flexibility.


schoolhouse pedestal base

For the ends I chose to build two Single Pedestal Bases. I added in a shelf for more storage.

Schoolhouse Pedestal Base Desk shelves

And also, instead of using a scrap piece for a drawer divider and glides, I made it into a full “shelf” for the drawer to slide into, just in case I decide on using baskets or something later. And also because I loathe drawer glides.



As far as hardware, I loved the ones Jamie chose in her original build. So I hopped on over to D. Lawless’ website to see how much they were. You guys, you’re going to be floored. The are SIXTY CENTS! Yes, you read that right! Label bin pulls for sixty cents each. So I pinned it so I would be able to find them later when it came time to order them. Then I get a pm to my Facebook inbox that they noticed my pin and wanted to provide me with some to review. So of course I said yes. I would gladly have paid for them, but I was also just really impressed with their marketing team to seek me out just based on a Pin. Aren’t they just beautiful?

d lawless copper label bin pull

They are very solid, large pulls. I’m really excited to fill up all our shelves and make pretty labels for them! There’s a slight indentation so you can easily swap paper in and out for your labeling needs. I’m in love with them. And D Lawless has about five thousand other great, affordable hardware options on their website so I highly encourage you to check them out.



Schoolhouse Desk Bases and Wall Unit

Also, as another room update, do you see the additional shelf above our desk unit? We had some of the Container Store shelf brackets left over from our open shelving in our kitchen, along with a slimmer reclaimed oak board from my dad’s barn that we used on those shelves. So I decided to cut it to 11 feet, the same length as our desk top, and add it above the pegboard unit. It’s the perfect size to hold all my books. We’ve made a few other updates here as well, which includes moving the play kitchen in here so we can have another function to the office.



I’m planning to also find some office chairs for my now taller desk, as these white chairs are now being used in the master bedroom. Maybe I can get my vintage fix and find something good at the flea market next weekend? Here’s hoping!


*disclaimer* I know this post sounds like a huge advertisement. I was compensated with five bin pulls (which amounts to $13.75 with shipping) but D Lawless did not ask me to post or promote them. I just wanted to share the hardware wealth with the DIY community because I know how hard it is to find good options at those big box stores. And I took the PureBond Pledge over a year ago when Ana White posted about their amazing sustainably harvested, formaldehyde free plywood. I’ve used it exclusively ever since!



  1. Julie

    What is the top of the desk made of?

    1. Brooke

      Julie it’s the same plywood the desk bases are made of, PureBond birch plywood.

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