Knocked Off: Restoration Hardware’s Provence Table for $230

You can tell someone is big on entertaining when they ask you to build a 10 foot dining table. That’s what my mom requested me to build her over Easter weekend. They had a couple of mis-matched outdoor dining sets that were falling apart. Sad, right? You spend $500 or more on glass and metal for it to fall apart after a few years. So we did a little brainstorming, and I found this beauty:



I hope you have a spare 4 grand lying around though, because that’s what you’ll have to shell out to buy it. Crazypants. So I did a little online digging, and found this plan to build your own knockoff 10 foot long table.

We used cedar for it’s warm color and chemical-free outdoor properties. We left the legs with the rough-cut finish and planed down the top so you don’t get any splinters. Here’s a view of the length:

And those sexy legs:

Working with 4×4’s is a lot trickier than 2″ thick wood. We had to predrill our holes and use lag bolts instead of screws since it was so thick.

Honestly I think they look more finished and “professional” than screws. But I may be biased. To finish off the look, my mom picked up 8 wicker and metal chairs at Lowe’s.

A few thoughts on the plan:

– The height. For some oddball reason, our table came out to 34″ tall. I don’t know about you, but I’m not real big on having to raise my arms over my head to eat. We didn’t have enough time to fix it before we left for home, but during our visit last weekend we quickly removed the top and cut 4″ off the legs from the top. So keep that in mind if you’re building from this plan.

– The plans are hard to follow because pieces get thinner or go missing from the diagrams from step to step. It was pretty confusing at times.

– The lumberyard didn’t carry cedar 2×10’s, so we used 7 2×6’s instead.

– We left a 1/2″ gap between each board so any dew or rainfall can escape and not pool on top and rot the wood.

That’s it! My mom is thrilled with her new table, and already got to show it off at a cookout with no fewer than 50 guests. Plus, with the cedar and sealant only costing $230, she saved 95% off the 4 grand version! Ain’t no shame in that. Oh, and if you’d like to build a “daintier” version of this table, Ana came up with a plan for an 8′ table using 2×4’s. Awesome!

14 thoughts on “Knocked Off: Restoration Hardware’s Provence Table for $230

  1. Looks great! I grew up eating at a kind of hexagonal version of that table (if that makes sense…my dad made it). Maybe one day I will be brave enough to attempt something like it myself.

  2. this table is CRAZY awesome!!! LOVE it! I’ve been trying to convince Eric to let me Craigslist our current outdoor set and build something instead… he’s not yet convinced, but maybe he would be after he sees this!!!

  3. That looks amazing. Wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference in the two. Your mom has an awesome backyard. I wouldn’t get anything done. I’d want to stay in the backyard all the time.

    1. I have that problem 😉 Whenever we visit I think, “Oh, I’ll post while I’m there, maybe catch up on a little work or something…” and end up napping by the pool with a book soaking up the sun. Yeah, it’s a rough life!

  4. Table looks awesome! I had a question, is your table top 10 feet? I’m drawing by plans up for this table and your pictures look like the top is less that 10 feet long. Maybe its just my plans but I thought I would ask to make sure.

      1. Just finished mine up today. Great to finally see the finished product. Did you guys just seal the wood, or what did you do for the finish? I would like to keep mine looking natural.

  5. How did the 1/2″ gap handle the winter months? Did the radial shrinking increase that to close to an inch? Also, how does the color look through a couple years of aging?

    1. The gap increased slightly, close to about 3/4″ like you mentioned. My mother (who I built this for) partially sealed it (she did a very thin coat) so the color isn’t quite grayed out completely but it will be within the next year I believe.

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