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Knocked Off: Restoration Hardware Durant Twin Bed for $180 | Killer b. Designs



Knocked Off: Restoration Hardware Durant Twin Bed for $180

durant bed knockoff

 Update: Find the plans HERE

One aspect of my early childhood that I look back fondly on is sharing a room with my big sister. We didn’t “officially” share one, but we slept in the same bed until I was 10. Now that Charlie will be three (THREE!) next week, and Caroline is edging closer to one every day, I decided it was high time to trade in the Pioneer Bed I built a few years ago and build matching beds for the girls’ shared bedroom.


rh-durant-bedI fell in love with Restoration Hardware’s Durant twin bed the moment I saw it. It was so lovely! The hardware, the doors, the storage! It was perfect. But the $1499 price tag wasn’t, nor was the fact that it was discontinued. So I did what any builder would do, I asked my DIY guru Ana White to help me with plans! And wow, did she deliver. I requested a couple of style changes: that the bed sit on the floor (that tiny gap looks like every parent’s nightmare of lost toys and dust and snacks) and that the overall height be under 13″ so that the bed with a standard mattress would fit under the windowsill.



They fit perfectly in the room! Plus it only took one day to build, sand, stain, and install each bed, so I was able to finish both in one weekend.


durant-footboardI want to take a second to talk about this fabulous stain. It’s Golden Oak by Minwax, and isn’t it just glorious? I’ve used it before, on my Tidy Up Coffee Table, and I’ve missed the rich warmth ever since.  I love that it only took me one pass to get the color I wanted, without being streaky or too grainy. I used half a can on both beds, and am dreaming up new projects so I can finish it off!




Each bed offers loads of storage. I decided to go ahead and put doors on both sides, so I can have the option to move the beds around (or even move one back into the other room, should sharing not work out) and still have them look fantastic. The bed is divided down both centers, so each cubby has two doors so I can store some longer items.




Can we talk about this amazing hardware for a second? When we were originally planning the bed, I scoured the internet for hours and hours trying to find hinges and a latch that could accommodate a full 3/4″ overlay door. The largest I found was a half inch, unless I was looking at $200 EACH refrigerator hardware. Um…yeah…now I guess I see why the bed was $1500, it was mostly in hardware costs! Ouch. So we changed up the plan to feature inset doors, and I found the best hardware ever. D. Lawless carries these reproduction Hoosier Ice Box style hinge and latch sets. They have a 3/8″ offset which made it look almost exactly like my inspiration! The doors pop out just a bit away from the frame. I also love the thickness of the hardware, it feels very solid and durable. Plus the interesting design takes what could be just another cubby bed and makes it into something fabulous. I purchased four left hand and four right hand 4 piece sets for their sale price of $10 each, which is a total steal in my opinion! I could spend that on plain old normal hinges and latches at any hardware store, so scoring these beauties for the same price really got me pumped up.





Since we needed to remove the nightstand to preserve full door functionality, we installed a plug-in adjustable wall sconce for each bed. It keeps that industrial vibe going up on the wall.




For the wall storage, we made a shelf using a scrap 2×8 and some metal flashing and followed Ana’s tutorial over on to wrap it around, and added some sheet metal screws for aesthetics.


durant-doors-openBoth my girls LOVE their new beds! Even our ten month old can open and close the doors to hide things inside.



The plans for these beds should be up on very soon! I hope to see a whole lot of them up in the brag boards soon :)


Disclaimer: Minwax stain was provided by the company free of charge. Having been a Minwax fan for years, I’m proud to endorse it!



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  1. Jacelyn

    The beds are lovely, I used Ana Whites plans to make similar doorless version for my girls! Can I ask what is going on with the floor?

    1. Brooke

      Hm. Not sure what you mean. The flooring is stained concrete, is that what you’re wondering? Or the bottom of the bed? That’s left open, since they’re flush to the floor. Didn’t think it made sense to add plywood when the floor does the same job!

      1. Jacelyn

        Ah yes! I couldnt figure out what material it was, I see stained concrete now :)

  2. Maddie

    Shuuuuut up!
    Firstly, you’re obviously telling lies. There is NO way that Charlie is almost 3. I refuse to believe it! Ha!

    Anyway, you knocked these babies out of the park. They look amazing and the style fits your room and house so well! It continusouly amazes me that you’re like, “Oh, I just need a couple of beds in here in this exact size. . . And, oh wait, I’ll just build them up real quick!” That’s so amazing and I love getting to see all your finished projects!

    And you found such a good winner with that hardware! It looks really nice! I really like the inset doors too, so I feel like the other hardware being super spendy was kind of a happy accident.

    My sister and I had separate rooms growing up, but she slept in my room until I was 7. I had bunk beds and I slept on the top bunk, so it became her unofficial room too :).

    1. Brooke

      I really hope my girls are close sisters and don’t mind sharing! Because I *may* already be planning my hypothetical third child. Who of course isn’t hypothetically named already. Because that’s just crazy. Hypothetically.

  3. Kristin

    Any chance you’ll change the specs on this for people who want to build a queen bed?

    1. Brooke

      I can try Kristin! If I’m not mistaken the length doesn’t change, but just the width, so adjusting the head/footboards would be all that’s needed. I’ll look into that!

      1. Deanna

        For a queen bed, the length does change. A full is the one that’s the same length as a twin.

  4. Dorris

    These are just stinking perfect! Seriously, killer beds. I like your version much more than the actual restoration version. Nice work!

  5. Derrick Lawless

    Thanks for the great shots of our hardware, your project is awesome!

  6. Marc de robinet cuisine

    I love this “retro” style, the wall colour pops up so nicely and constrats with the wood. My first born is coming in a few months, this is giving some ideas!

  7. Emily

    these are awesome! I need them with drawers… what was the cost of the bed?

    1. Brooke

      $180, it’s in the post title 😉

  8. Bayou Woman

    Do you now have a link to these plans over at I can’t find it searching her site.

    1. Brooke

      So sorry for the difficulty! Here’s the link, I’ll add it to my post as well. If you do build it, I would recommend making it about an inch or two shorter in each direction. It’s just a touch too wide for my mattress

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