16 thoughts on “Knocked Off: Restoration Hardware Durant Twin Bed for $180

  1. The beds are lovely, I used Ana Whites plans to make similar doorless version for my girls! Can I ask what is going on with the floor?

    1. Hm. Not sure what you mean. The flooring is stained concrete, is that what you’re wondering? Or the bottom of the bed? That’s left open, since they’re flush to the floor. Didn’t think it made sense to add plywood when the floor does the same job!

  2. Shuuuuut up!
    Firstly, you’re obviously telling lies. There is NO way that Charlie is almost 3. I refuse to believe it! Ha!

    Anyway, you knocked these babies out of the park. They look amazing and the style fits your room and house so well! It continusouly amazes me that you’re like, “Oh, I just need a couple of beds in here in this exact size. . . And, oh wait, I’ll just build them up real quick!” That’s so amazing and I love getting to see all your finished projects!

    And you found such a good winner with that hardware! It looks really nice! I really like the inset doors too, so I feel like the other hardware being super spendy was kind of a happy accident.

    My sister and I had separate rooms growing up, but she slept in my room until I was 7. I had bunk beds and I slept on the top bunk, so it became her unofficial room too :).

    1. I really hope my girls are close sisters and don’t mind sharing! Because I *may* already be planning my hypothetical third child. Who of course isn’t hypothetically named already. Because that’s just crazy. Hypothetically.

    1. I can try Kristin! If I’m not mistaken the length doesn’t change, but just the width, so adjusting the head/footboards would be all that’s needed. I’ll look into that!

  3. These are just stinking perfect! Seriously, killer beds. I like your version much more than the actual restoration version. Nice work!

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