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Knocked Off: Providence Buffet for $120 | Killer b. Designs



Knocked Off: Providence Buffet for $120

This weekend we took a trip up to San Marcos to do some more house stuff, and my mom asked me if I could build her a buffet to match her Provence Dining Table that we built for her earlier in the year. Of course I said yes! This table was a bit challenging, since she wanted it to be a massive twelve feet long to fit by the table in front of the deck. (This isn’t it’s final resting place, it’s only here because that’s where I built it and where my mom wants to sand and stain it. Later it will move over by the dining table.)

Since this was going to be narrower than the dining table, I decided to go with 2×4 legs instead of 4×4’s. So for a jumping off point, I used Ana’s Providence Table plans and modified them for this extreme length.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the changes I made to the plan:
Supply list – 3 2x6x12′ boards for the top
2 2x6x10′ boards for the shelf
5 2x4x8 boards for the legs and supports
Design –  I cut the legs to the same dimension, but flipped the legs 90 degrees so the profile matched the table’s. I placed the leg support 4″ from the ground, again to match the dining table. I added a shelf by drilling the 10′ 2×6’s down onto the leg supports, and used scrap 2×4’s under the center to keep it from dipping. I nixed the center top support, and decided to keep the cross supports at the same angles and length, but doubled them and used scrap 2×4 cut at 18″ wide (the width of the buffet) to span the three boards so the center wouldn’t dip or warp over time.

The buffet is incredibly sturdy. After I finished building it (with my mom’s help!) I jumped on it and invited the hubs up too, as well as both our dogs. Even with 0ver 350 pounds on it, it didn’t waver or dip at all. And in the image above, you can see the table in the background. Don’t they look like a matching set? Of course the buffet will look even better after my mom sands and stains it.

So, how much do you think you’d spend to buy a twelve foot long solid cedar buffet? Hundreds of dollars, right? Well, try $120! That’s all it cost to build, and it would be even less if you chose treated pine, or regular pine for indoor use. I just love building! You get exactly what you want, for a fraction of what you’d pay in stores. It just doesn’t get any better than that!



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  1. Pam @ diy Design Fanatic

    Very nice! Can’t wait to see it stained! I need to get busy making a desk in a similar style. Stopping by from Remodelaholic.

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      Ooooh, a desk would be so lovely! I really enjoy this style. It’s clean while still a bit chunky. The best of both worlds!

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