Knocked Off: Pioneer Bed

Yesterday, the Husbane and I built Ana White’s Pioneer Bed for Charlie’s room. After he took our spare bedroom for his Man Cave (and filled it with his manly sleeper sofa) our twin and trundle found a new home in the nursery. Which works well, since I camp out here every night for those never-ending feedings. After 10 weeks of crashing on the trundle, we’ve finally built Charlie her very first bed. The trundle fits beneath it, so it will be perfect for hosting sleepovers.

Here’s what the headboard looks like behind the sea of pillows. I really like the shape. It’s simple, but not plain.

The finish was really fun to play with. I painted it with the teal color from the walls, then brushed on a watered-down coral and wiped it off as I went. It’s kind of like a whitewash, since the grain still shows through.

I made the bedskirt by cutting up an old king-sized sheet, using the seam that was already there. Then I just stapled it to the inside of the bed, just below where the slats sit.

I’m a little nervous about the height. It has to be tall to fit the trundle below, so there’s no avoiding that. Once Charlie progresses from her converted crib into this bed, I’ll have to get some rails to keep her from rolling off. Because that would be a long, hard fall.

I really love this bed! It was so easy to build, and only cost $50 for all the lumber, including the slats. It was the first time I built something with our new nail gun too! That was mind-blowing. Everything came together so quickly! It’s such a change of pace from using screws, since you have to countersink or pre-drill and then fill your holes afterward. I can’t wait to build something else with it now!

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