Knocked Off: My Guest Bench

When I decided to do a guestbook bench for my wedding, I never expected how happy I’d be with the end result. It’s so personal, so sentimental that I fall more in love with it every time I lay eyes on it. Let’s bring it back to the beginning, when I enlisted my bridesmaids to join me in a group girl-power project.

After having all the gals lend a hand, I sanded, painted, and then drew on my design to make it wedding official. Here it is in action on the big day.

It still served it’s seating purposes too, when it was time to toss the garter.
 I sealed the top with Mod Podge, my go-to preservative. You can’t ever go wrong with the ‘podge, guys! It’s glossy smooth, and safely preserves all my sweet messages. My favorite is from Bridesmaid Stacie, “We hope this bench sees the butts of many friends and is witness to tons of amazing memories!” I built it intending to place our Rustic Bench at the foot of our Farmhouse Bed, and it’s the perfect addition to our bedroom.
So, for the cost of roughly $20 (including the pens to sign it in), a lot of elbow grease from my favorite ladies, and a little spit and polish with my design work, we have a family heirloom. I want to give a HUGE shout out to Ana White of Ana-White.com who provides all these plans for free (seriously, go check it out!) and empowers women and families everywhere to build for yourselves. I love my bench, and am so SO glad you all encouraged me to choose it for my guestbook!

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  1. staciekop

    Yes! I get at least one gold star for the day! And I agree, the bench turned out fabulously. I can't wait to see the finished quilt someday!!

  2. Vivienne @ The V Spot

    This is fab! I pinned it and stumbled it. A really great idea.

  3. Emily

    LOVE this bench! Great job!

  4. Lindsey

    What font did you use for you stencil?

    1. I used Nashville, you can find it here for free on Dafont http://www.dafont.com/nashville.font

  5. Angela Brashears

    I’m building this bench from Ana’s plans right now, had a few questions. Did you use the same height of the legs 17.25? did you use paint pens for the signatures, and what brand did you use? I’ll be buying them for the bride and groom as well, and finally did the ModPodge work out for you, did you seal before the signatures, or only after? Sorry for all the questions, I just really love your bench, angie

    1. Brooke

      Yes, I used the same height. The pens are Painters pens by Elmer, though silver gel pens work alright as well. Sharpie’s dry out over paint. The Mod Podge was a bad choice. It yellowed in spots. I sealed after the signatures to try and protect them, though now I’ll need to do some patching up. Good luck on your bench! It makes for a great guestbook

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