Knocked Off: Lydia Baby Bed

My photog friend Suzy of TriCoast Photography (who shot my boudoir pics) sent me a link to an Etsy shop selling stunning photography props. Gorgeous, antiqued baby beds perfect for taking newborn shots or even a little girl’s doll bed.


Does it look familiar to anybody else? It’s modeled after the fabulous Lydia Bed from Ana-White!

Queen Size Lydia Bed from Ana-White

Amazing, yes? I sure think so! The little doll-size version is also really cute. Since it’s not an exact copy of an Ana plan, the Etsy seller is all-clear to be selling doll beds inspired by this beautiful creation. And since Suzy asked me for one, I was super excited to try my hand at miniaturizing it too!

Isn’t it cute?? I love it! I only had to buy one 8 foot 2×2, four finials for about 60 cents each and some $5 trim for the detailing. I used some spare MDF for the side rails, headboard and footboard, and the decorative end pieces. I’m not really thrilled with this MDF, it seems like every time I use it I’m underwhelmed. It works for the piece since I gave it a really weathered, rustic finish. I think it’ll be great for photographs! Including my own little one this August.

The finishing was definitely an experiment. I painted a base coat of a light tan, then tried a crackle medium. Sadly it was way too humid for it to dry, so it didn’t work. At all. I topped it with a coat of white paint, and should have thinned it with water. After it dried (sans-crackle) I tried another coat of white, this time thinned with water. Then I sanded the edges so the brown would show through. The finials look the best, I think.

See the weathered, antique look? It helps the bumpiness of the MDF blend in with the rest of the piece. If I ever build another one (as a gift, because I’m still not quite confident enough to sell my work yet) I’ll use plywood. Dimensions-wise, I decided on a “mattress” size of 20 inches long and 16 inches wide. I picked up some two inch foam at Hobby Lobby that was 22×22, and with my 40% off coupon about five bucks. I made a slipcover with cast-off t-shirts, with a pocket on the bottom so you can pull it out and wash it if you need to. With all the newborns TriCoast photographs, I’m sure there are going to be accidents here and there!

So there you have it. A teeny Lydia bed for a mere $20. I can’t wait to do more experimenting with my building!


8 thoughts on “Knocked Off: Lydia Baby Bed

  1. UMMMM are you SURE you arent like 5 people pretending to be one person? Geez girl…just spent time reading your blog and looking at your furniture building skills and OMG I AM SO IMPRESSED. How in the world do you do it all??

    I feel so….lazy!

    Anyways, couldnt find a place to email you. Write me back at mandybchan at gmail

    THanks for offering to help. =)

    1. I think as far as smoothness, it’s hardwoods -> MDF -> Plywood. I’m not sure what this stuff is that I’m using, a friend of mine had a caseload in his garage, and gave it to me. It’s definitely pressed something, and it sucks pretty major. I hate it!! But, it’s here, so of course I use it, and then curse at it the whole time.

  2. Oh this is lovely! Would you happen to have the cut list? Or maybe tips on how to shrink the cuts from the larger sized versions on anas website? My dad says he’s willing to make my daughter the daybed and a miniature version for her dolls since he’s newly retired. He wants a challenge! šŸ™‚

    thank you, again, it is truly lovely!

    1. Thank you Becky! I’m sorry to say I didn’t write it down, and I already gave it away so I can’t measure it šŸ™ But – what I think I did do was use the dimensions from Ana White’s Farmhouse Doll Bed and apply it to this one. Here’s the link to that bed . Good luck! I bet it’s going to look fantastic

  3. Um, if you ever feel like making another one of these, feel free to give it to me! Seriously, this “doll bed” is awesome. It’s the perfect prop for a newborn shoot!

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