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Kathy’s Amazing Barn Doors | Killer b. Designs



Kathy’s Amazing Barn Doors

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing reader projects! Today I have a great one for you from Kathy who built herself some barn doors inspired by my tutorial. Didn’t she do a fabulous job? Here’s what she wrote:

“While cruising the net looking for ideas on barn doors I found your website, and was totally in awe of your version.  So I was determined to make them for myself….unfortunately after much thought, I realized sliding doors wouldn’t work in the area I desired.  So I made it my mission to at least make the doors work even if they did not slide.  And I did it!

My husband, my dad, and my son thought I was nuts, but now…..I think they are impressed!  My doors swing out, they have large gate hinges, a gate latch, and flip down door stoppers(on inside of doors), instead of the metal plate across the door, I painted roofing nails and hammered them in across the doors.  And I did all of the work except the wood cutting and the actual installation, as they were too heavy for me to lift by myself.
I just wanted to give you credit as my inspiration!  “
Love it Kathy! And if you have a project that was inspired from the blog, I would love to see it and feature it!


  1. Amanda

    The doors are gorgeous! I’m impressed – and I love that they swing instead of sliding – I think that’s a fun take on it!

  2. Marie Roxanne

    I like those doors! The nails perfect the “look”. Good job Kathy!

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