Jersey Pinafore

A few weeks ago, a friend Pinned a super adorable baby dress, this Crossover Pinafore



I wanted to give it a trial run before I used nice fabric on it (you can see she used Amy Butler fabric, delish). So I cut up an old tshirt and some matching pink camo jersey and gave it a shot.

I decided to use snaps instead of buttons so it could be fully reversible. I can flip it inside out so the camo is on the outside.

Even though the pattern says 6-12 months (and it can be used as a shirt up to about 2T or so) it was way too big for Charlie 🙁 So she’ll have to wait until 9ish months until we try it on again. That’s why you get a boring hanger instead of an adorable little model. To complete her outfit, I tried my hand at making a ruffled diaper cover

Too. Freakin’. Cute! I’m super excited for her to wear this outfit. And now that I know it works (and is really cute) I’ll have to pick out some fancy pants fabric to try it in!

5 thoughts on “Jersey Pinafore

    1. Yes! I just sewed on snaps instead of buttons, and it worked perfectly. For ruffles, just use a basting stitch (the longest you’ve got) and run two lines parallel the whole way down the line of fabric. Then you use one string and pull to gather it together, and use a normal stitch to sew it to your fabric. That’s it! They’re really easy.

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