Jenny’s Seniors, Take 2

Last week I took a few senior pictures for my sister-in-law Jenny, and this weekend we did a follow up. She wanted a few in a park near her school, and some on the football field where she served as Drum Major her senior year.

The park hosted some phenomenal trees. That’s one thing that struck me the most when I moved to Lake Jackson: the trees! They are huge and twisty and old and gorgeous.

They’re beautiful. Just like the girl sitting on them 😉

If you’re wondering about the imposing figure on the field behind her, it seems the school mascot is a Roughneck. As in, someone who works oil rigs.

Apparently they are all incredibly buff. And carry big wrenches.

It was a lot of fun to finish up this senior shoot, and now I’ve got to finish editing them so I can design her invitation!