Jenny’s Senior Portraits: Part 1

Aaaaaaand… we’re back! After our cable and internet (AND dvd player, talk about forced family time!) fried in the lighting strike Sunday night, we have finally gotten it all sorted out and fixed. We needed new boxes for everything, and repair men to come out and replace the parts that connected each service to the house. Luckily they had “lightning protection” according to each guy, which tripped and prevented the wires from frying inside the house. That would have been expensive to replace! So, all is now well and we are back on line and connected to the world 😉

The hubs’ oldest little sister is graduating high school this May, and asked me to take her senior pics. I’m not a pro by any means, but I think I gave her enough decent ones to be happy with. It’s so green in our little town right now, it’s practically a jungle! Here are a few of my favorites from this “shoot”

These were all taken on the nature walk behind the park where I got married. Seriously, can you believe how green this sucker is? I didn’t boost the color on these at all, in fact, I had to tone it down a bit! We also took one at her late grandmother’s home. The oak tree in the yard is absolutely massive.

Next week we’re going to do part two with her band outfit over at her high school. It should be a lot of fun!