Jenny’s Graduation Invites

With only a handful of days left until Jenny’s high school graduation, we got her invites designed and printed in just the nick of time! We highlighted 4 of her favorite photos from her session, three on the front and one on the back.

We used Vistaprint so it could be two-sided, and they turned out great! A lot more fun than the typical invites you order through school. Ten more days to go! She can’t wait 😉


3 thoughts on “Jenny’s Graduation Invites

    1. Yes it is, do people not typically have graduations on Fridays? This is a pretty small town, maybe that’s why?

      1. Yes, we have graduations on Fridays around here. I am also from a very small town.

        You just have “Saturday evening May 25th” on the invitation and the 25th is a Friday not a Saturday. I was trying to figure out if it was a typo or if I had my days mixed up!!

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