Is It a Bookcase, or a Door?

Last month, my blog idol Ana White contacted me to be a contributor on her blog. Cue squeals of glee. I mean, seriously, does it get any better? I submit an idea, she draws up the plans, and I build it. Awesome! I knew at once what my first project was going to be. And where did the idea come from? Duh! Pinterest!

Isn’t it an amazing idea? It was the perfect solution to our gun storage conundrum. As a temporary setup we were storing the Husbane’s 20+ weapons in our entry closet, with a deadbolt that requires a key. Not exactly the greatest thing, since it totally killed a useful closet. Now, we built this awesome bookcase/door for his mancave, complete with hidden deadbolt! It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

*Note: I poorly photoshopped in extra trim, because we can't afford to buy any yet 🙂

To see the plans on how to build your own, hop on over to Ana’s site and check them out! Here’s another angle

And a shot of the room:

The supplies only cost $52, and we re-used the regular door hinges. We purchased some fancy pants trim, 1) because the door frame is unsquare, so it had a lot of gaps to hide and 2) we could router out a space to completely hide the hinges

Here’s the deadbolt, which is hidden behind some books and requires a keyed entry

I’ll post tomorrow the details on how to install one, because it took the Husbane three hours to figure out and execute. It boggles the mind!

Again, totally go visit Ana’s site and download the plans! I already have dreams of adding another one in our entry closet 🙂

11 thoughts on “Is It a Bookcase, or a Door?

    1. Yeah, we’re very prepared for the zombie apocalypse! It’s the best looking armory on the block 😉

  1. Oh my goodness, I love this! My husband and I have talked about doing the exact same thing, but we weren’t quite sure we wanted to put the time in to figure out how to do it. I’m looking forward to the follow-up post!

  2. WOW!! Love this!! I have always loved the built in bookshelves but usually you only see them in older homes, what a great way to add some storage space, this is Definately on my to do list for my craft room I am redoing!!

  3. This looks AMAZING. I’ve been following you awhile, don’t know how I just now stumbled upon this. We’ve been talking about turning one of our closets into a bookshelf-door. I’ll have to check out the plans asap!

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