Iron Stegosaurus

Yup. That’s an iron Stegosaurus in my garden. He’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. On a whim I decided to take Charlie for a stroll downtown and check out the shops. That’s where I found this guy.

He hails from Mexico, and even though I knew I’d be there soon on vacation, I didn’t think I’d be game for hauling around a three foot long spiky metal creature. So, I splurged on the $40 pricetag and brought him home. And we’re already in love.

He’s very unique, and will fit in well with the arid landscape of the Texas Hill Country we’re moving to soon. Right now he’s chilling out in my front flower bed. I was a huge dino fan as a kid, and I hope Charlie is too! I’ll start her on the right track, maybe I can find him a T-Rex buddy somewhere down the line 😉



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