Industrial Appliance Cart

YES! I’m finally back in the land of the living, also known as those with a reliable internet connection. We finished up this project on Wednesday, but I haven’t been able to post it until today. I’m participating in Design Build Love’s Pinterest Challenge, and couldn’t wait to get started! Here was my inspiration:


Cool, huh? It’s an amazing industrial cart, singing to the tune of $400+. Yet having used galvanized pipe on a furniture project before (Bestie C’s swedish bed) I knew this was something I could tackle for much less. The total cost for my project was $200, which is the most we’ve ever spent on a furniture project! But let me tell you, the results are worth it.

It’s made out of 2×12 pine, 1/4″ galvanized pipe and floor flanges from the plumbing section of the hardware store.

Projects like this are a very easy to put together, and require minimum effort. Ready to make your own? Here’s how!


9 thoughts on “Industrial Appliance Cart

  1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this idea! I have been complaining to anyone who will listen that we just have too darn much kitchen stuff and not enough space for it! I’m going to see if we have room to put something like this in there!

  2. I LOVE this! It’s a bit too expensive for me right now (and probably too heavy to be moved around a lot) but I still love it. I’d probably like to spray paint the pipe parts too- make them into a darker steel color.

    1. It’s actually super light to move, I was incredibly surprised. That’s why we ended up anchoring it to the wall, to avoid tipping over

  3. OMG! OK, so this is probably going to be a long comment. I found my way to your blog this morning via Get Off My Internets. I was so impressed with the reply you posted to the comments about your blog that I had to come over and check out your site.
    I think I clicked a link to the post about your metallic corner. I had to step away from the computer to show my husband what I had in mind for a table for my sewing room. I want to build a wall to wall table to serve as a work station for two sewing machines and the computer. It will have a wood top and galvanized pipe for legs. I had priced the pipe and fittings at Lowes and after we did some measuring it became evident this was going to be a very pricey project. My husband called a plumbing supply place to price the pipe and flanges there. So, the guy calls us back with the prices and I thank him and place my order. Cheaper than Lowes, but still slightly painful. I come back to the computer and the next link I click on your blog is this one. Gah!! Why didn’t I read this first? I so would have ordered from Ron Mueller’s website. The guy at the plumbing place is cutting the pipe to our specifications or I would have called back to cancel the order.
    Anyway, I’m so glad I found this, even if it was a little late to save money on my table. I love the cart and may try to make one myself. After I recover from what the “simple, inexpensive” work table will cost.
    Sorry for the long comment. I just wanted to say I’m impressed with your shelf and with how you handle snarky comments. I’ll be adding you to my reader so maybe next time I won’t be late reading about your cool projects.

    1. Thank you! This comment totally made my day. Honestly I’m fine with the snark when it comes to my projects. Coming from an art background, you learn quick that it’s nothing personal, tastes just vary widely and while some think your work sucks, others think it’s brilliant. You have to take the good with the bad. Besides, I’m the first to admit when a project goes wrong, and there are some projects that I post that aren’t exactly my taste, but the process is useful. Not everybody in the world is going to need a gun rack, but a secret bookcase door? That’s pretty cool. And while there are a lot of people who think dead animals aren’t decor, the hubs’ antler mount has been pinned enough that I know people out there like the idea. So, it’s a give and take. The only thing that bugs me is when assumptions start flying like they’re truth, and that’s when I have to respond. If you’re going to snark on me, at least make sure it’s for actual reasons! Anyway, thanks again for the kind words!

      Also, Ron’s was great on price and speed, but the threading was a PITA when it came to fitting the pipes together. Nothing was sitting straight, so it took a lot of hammering and bending to get things at some semblance of right angles. But, you get what you pay for. I think it’s great that you’re using a local company, because they need the support too! Good luck with your project!

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